Was there a water monster in Kanas Lake, Xinjiang? It is 10 meters long and has been reported by CCTV!

In many inaccessible places, there are legends of unknown creatures. I believe everyone has heard the story of Loch Ness water monster, and many people have witnessed it in the past 100 years. Some time ago, scientists claimed that the Loch Ness monster was probably an ancient tortoise. In addition to foreign unknown creatures, there was a legend of water monster in Kanas, Xinjiang, even reported by CCTV. What’s the matter?


The legend of water monster began to be popular in the 1980s, which caused a commotion in the local area and aroused the attention of many parties. Kanas Lake is a high mountain lake, and the elevation of the lake even reached more than 1000. Since the 1980s, scientists have formed a team to investigate here. In the process of exploration, scientists found many new species, among which albino bear appeared. Albino bear is a kind of mutant creature. After seeing this phenomenon, scientists speculated whether it means that there are unknown creatures in the lake? Does this coincide with the local legend?


Kanas Lake


Water monster


In 1931, a strange event happened in Kanas Lake. At that time, a herdsman was grazing by the lake. Suddenly, he heard a huge sound coming from the lake. The calm lake was full of rough waves, and more than ten giant red fish were writhing on the water. The scene was once very spectacular. Local villagers claim that when cattle and horses drink water by the lake, a mysterious creature often appears. This mysterious creature will attack the cattle and horses, and then drag them into the water. The cattle and horses become the food of this mysterious creature, and the legend of water monster spreads.


In order to solve the mystery of the water monster, the local villagers once found a huge fishing net. Once the water monster appeared, it would become a turtle in a jar, waiting to be captured. When the villagers thought they could catch the water monster, the next day, the big net disappeared. After 15 days of continuous searching, the team found a broken fishing net two kilometers upstream, which was torn into a big hole. Local people speculated that it might be the masterpiece of the water monster.


The identity of water monster


Is there a water monster in Kanas Lake? Scientists have also expressed their views on this. They think that the legendary water monster may be just a big fish. In 1985, a scientist came to Kanas Lake. He saw ripples on the calm surface of the lake, and a 10 meter long big fish appeared in the water. In just a few seconds, the big fish quickly swam deeper and disappeared in front of the scientists.


Scientists speculate that this big fish is likely to be Zhero salmon, with very sharp teeth, and its attack ability should not be underestimated. CCTV has also reported on the water monster in Kanas Lake. If it is true that the legendary water monster is Zhero salmon, as scientists say, why does it appear in Kanas Lake? Until now, there is no answer to this question. I don’t know what people think?

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