Water has no shelf life. Why is it easy to deteriorate when it is put in a bottle?

Water has no shelf life. Why is it easy to deteriorate when it is put in a bottle?


The earth’s resources are rich and colorful, including water, oxygen, oil, natural gas and so on. They gradually infiltrate into human life and become an indispensable part. There is no shortage of water on the earth, because the earth itself is a water ball, composed of seven parts of the ocean and three parts of the land. Water can be called the source of life, a person can not eat for a few days, but can not drink water, every day intake of enough water, in order to ensure the balance of body function.


Water has the ability to clean itself


I don’t know if you have found that most of the water on earth has no shelf life. If you put it in a bottle, many microorganisms will breed after a period of time. What’s the matter? Water in nature will never expire because it is in circulation for a long time. Most of it is living water, which can maintain the cleanliness of water. Water has the ability of self-cleaning. The water itself contains some impurities, but the organisms in the water can filter these impurities directly, forming a perfect water cycle. Water has no shelf life. Why is it easy to deteriorate when it is put in a bottle?


For example, there are leaves and flowers floating in the water, which may be eaten by some herbivores, or decomposed by microorganisms to become inorganic substances, which are absorbed by plants, and finally form clean water. Water is the most magical substance, because it has three forms, which will change with the change of temperature. After water evaporates, it will form water vapor. When there is enough water vapor in the high air, it will form small water droplets with dust and particles, and fall on the ground by the way of rain.


In the earth’s 4.6 billion years of history, impurities in water have been maintained at a very stable level. We often see water in mineral water bottles in our lives. This kind of water is very clean, but it will soon be expired if we don’t drink it after Kaifeng. Because the water in mineral water bottles belongs to stagnant water, it will not go through the water cycle. As time goes on, there are more and more microorganisms in the water bottles, which has exceeded the limit The standard of drinking water. Many people can’t figure out the difference between water in a mineral water bottle and water in the ocean?


What’s the difference between the water in the bottle and the water in the lake?


The main reason is that the environment they live in is different. The closed environment enables microorganisms to continue to survive and multiply in large numbers. More microorganisms can breed in a short period of time, which is no longer suitable for human consumption. Therefore, generally pure water or mineral water has a shelf life. The water on the earth originally has no shelf life. When it is put into a bottle, it has a shelf life. After the shelf life, the water cannot be directly drunk, unless it is sterilized by high temperature, it can be reused. The water in the ocean can not be directly drunk, so it needs to be processed, refined and filtered, because the water in the ocean contains a lot of impurities, heavy metals and so on. Direct intake will lead to the destruction of human body function.


Water can save all things, but also kill living things. Drinking expired water will cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms, which will damage human health. When drinking any water, it depends on the quality guarantee date. From the perspective of human beings, water in lakes and bottled water are two different concepts. One is living water, and the other is dead water. Living water can carry out water circulation, while dead water is different. It has been in a closed space for a long time, which has made microorganisms grow wantonly, so it is harmful to human health. What do you know about water? You can leave a message for interaction.

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