Watermelon? Mother watermelon? I don’t know

Summer is coming, watermelon is a water over fruit with the highest appearance rate. But have you heard about male watermelon and female watermelon?

Is watermelon divided into male and female? Ha ha, the male and female of watermelon is a common folk saying, so how can watermelon be divided into male and female?

Why is it divided into male and female? The way to distinguish the male and female of watermelon is that there is a round lump on the skin opposite to the pedicel, commonly known as “navel”. The “navel” of “male” watermelon is smaller, while that of “female” watermelon is larger. Watermelon farmers say “mother” watermelon is sweeter than “male” watermelon.


Let’s talk about the selection method of watermelon first. The fruit stalk is fresh, the fruit is huge, the fruit surface is smooth, the skin texture is distinct, the sound is crisp when flicking, and the vibration is felt when tapping.

But the watermelon male and female’s saying is actually not quite correct! In fact, in order to ensure the quality of watermelon, accurately grasp the growth period of watermelon and control diseases and pests, farmers will use artificial pollination to help watermelon male and female flowers as vectors.

The male and female of watermelon flower are very easy to distinguish. The female flower is under the petals, and there is a mini watermelon fruit. The male flower has larger petals. When pollination is needed, just pick the male flower and gently contact the pollen with the stamen of the female flower, which is very simple.

From the way of artificial pollination, it can be found that although watermelon flower has male and female, but watermelon belongs to hermaphroditism. That is to say, there will be male flowers and female flowers on the same plant. Of course, only female flowers can bear fruit, and male flowers only provide pollen.


So it’s unreasonable that watermelon is divided into male and female. After all, watermelon is monoecious. It is impossible for the male watermelon to have only male flowers and the female watermelon to have only female flowers.

I’ll teach you how to choose and eat melons. You must remember it well!

1. Look at the color. Bottom yellow is ripe melon; surface hairy, dark color, spots or unclear lines, is not ripe melon. Pick the best melon pick green, do not fog white.


2. Listen to the sound. When you play the melon with your fingers, the one who hears “bang bang” is ripe; the one who hears “Dangdang” is not mature enough; the one who hears “poop poop” is over ripe.

3. Look at the circle. Melon bottom has melon navel, is a small black circle. The big circle is the male melon, and the small circle is the female melon. The smaller the circle, the better. The bigger the circle, the thicker the skin.

4. Look at the lines. Melon surface lines neat and regular is the mother melon, and vice versa is the male melon. The melon with symmetrical body grew normally and had good quality; the melon with abnormal body grew abnormally and had good quality.

5. Look at guardy. The stem is the head of watermelon. If it is a straight line, it is a male melon with many seeds, big seeds and thick and light taste; if it is curled up, it is a female melon with small and few seeds, fine and sweet taste, which is the best choice.


However, watermelon is a fruit with high sugar content. No matter for adults, children or the elderly, they should eat watermelon in moderation.

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