We don’t have much time left? Hawking once worried about the problem, now has a sense of bad!

A star is flying towards the solar system, or Hawking said, human time is running out!


As we all know, the universe was born in a big explosion of singularity. It has been 13.8 billion years. Thanks to this big explosion, there are various celestial bodies such as the solar system, the Milky way and so on. People’s understanding of outer space has always been relatively shallow, especially before the rise of science and technology, they knew nothing about outer space. After the gradual emergence of high technology and the emergence of telescopes and spaceships, people finally had a chance to see the true face of the universe.


In fact, the solar system is far more chaotic than we imagined. At the beginning, it had no rules to follow, but it became regular through a long evolution. The same is true of the earth. The environment before the early days of the earth was also very bad. Through the baptism of time, it has become a planet suitable for living beings. Scientists have been trying their best to find a star that is highly similar to the earth’s environment. They have found a star named Europa. A star is flying towards the solar system, or Hawking said, human time is running out!


A star is slowly approaching the solar system


At present, there are still many restrictions, so human beings can not live in it. In addition, scientists have also found that a star similar to the sun is approaching the solar system rapidly. If it collides with the solar system, is it possible to explode? The most convincing argument about the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago is the impact of an asteroid. Once the asteroid collides with the earth and the solar system, it will bring unprecedented disasters. The great changes in the environment will make many creatures homeless or even extinct.


Human beings have lived on the earth for so many years, but have not ushered in the sixth mass extinction, which is related to the position of the earth. It has a superior geographical position, and there are many protective stars around, such as Jupiter and the moon, whose gravity blocks the impact of many planets for the earth. The star discovered by scientists is about 64 light-years away from the earth. Although it is far away from the earth, the solar system and the earth are connected as a whole. If there are great changes in the solar system, the earth can not be avoided. Its power is infinite, it may make all the asteroids in the solar system chaotic, and the magnetic field will change dramatically, which makes people think of Hawking’s prediction.


Is Hawking’s prediction really coming true?


Hawking believes that the earth is not the only place for human beings. Human beings should find another habitable star in their limited life, and can not place all their hopes on the earth. What scientists have discovered now seems to have come true with Hawking’s prediction. The future direction of human survival is still unknown. If this star collides with the solar system without any worry, human beings will be miserable and will probably disappear completely from the earth.


There are also many people who think that the consequences are not so serious. It is not easy for human civilization to develop up to now, but everything is possible. Nowadays, human power cannot compete with these natural disasters. Only when human’s high technology is mature enough and more powerful technologies are created, can it be possible to resist these disasters. So far, the most important thing for human is to find habitable stars. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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