We go to the top 300000 kilometers of space, but why can’t we go even 10 kilometers underground

Although human beings have lived on the earth for tens of thousands of years, there are still many places that we have never set foot in. Now, with the development of science and technology, we yearn for space, which has reached 380000 km of the moon. But we also yearn for the underground world, why can’t we go even 10 km underground?


Through the exploration of various precision instruments, we have discovered many mysterious underground worlds (for example, it is speculated that there is a huge underground world hidden under the Qinghai Tibet Plateau). We once thought that the earth is a solid sphere, but all kinds of signs show that the earth we live in is likely to have a huge underground world, so the “earth hole theory” is contested by scientists all over the world We talked about it. According to geophysicists, the weight of the earth is a million times that of 6 trillion metric tons. And if the earth’s interior were solid, it would weigh more than that.

Major general Bart, an Arctic explorer, once said in his report that he flew across the Arctic and found the “underground entrance” to the end of satellite exploration (which is not a small “entrance” found on the surface of the Arctic). He said that there are many colorful places, such as the towering number of green, the clear lake of deep blue, and many extinct animals, which seem to exist underground Another world in the world.


The Mayan civilization made the world marvel, many of their achievements even today’s science still can’t match. However, the highly civilized Mayans mysteriously disappeared “overnight”. Scientists have discovered mysterious caves in the Yucatan Peninsula, with a known depth of several hundred kilometers. The cave system is complex, and even Mayan buildings have been found in the caves. Scientists speculate that the Mayans, like today’s ants, would follow the mysterious caves and live underground? But whether this hypothesis is true or not, maybe it will not be issued until we have conquered the Yucatan cave. At that time, we will also find out what is hidden under the mysterious cave.


Dr. George dizhenlu, a Brazilian archaeologist, once led 20 students to the mountains near Sao Paulo to search for native Indian antiquities. As a result, an underground city site was unexpectedly found. Dr. George said that the underground cave was dark and humid, and it looked deep. According to scientists, the underground city has existed for 8000 years. Some people think it is a trace of prehistoric civilization, some people think it is a trace of the existence of underground people, and some people think it was a site inhabited by aliens. But whether ancient humans like to live underground, or underground people really exist, or aliens really live here, this is what happens in the underground world.

Many underground caves have been found all over the world, even tens of thousands of them, but not many of them are particularly large. According to the measurement in 1972, the total length is 297 km. There are 225 passageways with various directions in the upper and lower five floors. There are 23 shafts, 3 underground rivers, 8 waterfalls and 2 underground lakes. After the survey in 1985, the total length has exceeded 361 km.


Since man has been to the moon 380000 kilometers above his head, he will be able to reach 10 kilometers underground in the future. The legend of Chang’e flying to the moon, there should be the ghost of hell, the ancients described the underground world is very terrible, this may be a reflection of the exploration of underground conditions. But Xiaobian thinks that if we can explore the high altitude, we should explore the underground.


In fact, people have been using the underground for a long time. From controlling cellar and well to utilizing karst cave. After the popularization of modern science and technology, tunnels were built in the mountains, granaries were built, and underground railways were built. But these are just a little skin of the earth, underground seems to have endless mystery. The 21st century should be a century of underground development.

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