We may have misunderstood the flight principle of alien higher civilization. Maybe UFO doesn’t start by engine?

Since the 1940s, there has been a disk flying vehicle suspected to be luminous over the United States, and then there are reports about UFOs all over the world from time to time. The term UFO began with the “Blue Book Project” of the US air force.


All along, UFO sightings have taken place all over the world. The general eyewitness’s description of UFO is as follows: it is disc-shaped, surrounded by light, very fast, and it only flashes in front of people.

As for UFOs, most of us habitually regard them as advanced aircrafts piloted by extraterrestrial intelligent life. Because their technological level is much higher than ours, we still can’t officially find the means of transportation for them to “visit” the earth.


Next, we will analyze their aircraft to see how advanced they are.


As mentioned earlier, the vast majority of UFO witnesses said that what they saw was a disc-shaped luminous body. So why is this flying saucer disc-shaped?

Some people speculate that because the circle is point contact, and other shapes are mostly surface contact, the friction force of the circle is relatively small. And because the circle has the ability to adapt to high-speed flight, its center of gravity is in the middle part, plus the high-speed operation of the outer edge, the center will form a center of gravity line, as long as a small force is applied in the vertical direction, it is easy to make it deviate, so as to dissolve part of the inertial force due to high-speed operation, thus reducing the risk of colliding with other stars.


If we build such a UFO, judging from the shape of the conjecture, the problem should be small. However, it doesn’t matter what a UFO looks like. It may be the difference between good-looking and not good-looking. The key is to be able to fly, so the circle of light outside a UFO is worth exploring.


We all know that if any object wants to fly or move, it needs external force to push it. So what makes this UFO fly? And it’s so fast that we can’t see clearly.

If the science and technology of these alien civilizations are much higher than ours, will their construction not follow human understanding, but break our conventional thinking, and even UFOs will not have engines.


As we all know, the engine is the core part of the engine, and the main component of the engine is the cylinder, which is also the power source of the whole car. How can a UFO fly without an engine? In fact, it doesn’t have an engine, but it doesn’t have the engine that we normally think.


Therefore, some people speculate that the halo outside the UFO is the driving force of its flight. Perhaps the alien intelligent civilization has adopted the technology of nuclear fusion, antimatter, and even anti gravity. Whatever the speculation, it is believed that a UFO must have an engine to drive it.

First of all, let’s take a look at UFO. The light around it covers the whole flying saucer. The engine created by human beings can only move in one direction, which is extremely inefficient. The whole UFO is full of mysterious light, so some people dare to guess that the circle of light of UFO is its driving force, because it can shine everywhere, so the shell of flying saucer is the source of flight power, which is completely different from our combustion propulsion. UFO uses reduced quality flight, which is to directly release the atomic energy of the shell, simple and thorough.


Xiaobian believes that if we can master the technology of releasing atomic energy, we will have the opportunity to carry people out of the solar system, or even to distant places, and this will be the beginning of our advanced civilization.

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