Weasels are naturally annoying, but the older generation says they can’t kill them. Why?

Why do the older generation say that weasels can’t be killed? We can’t generalize it!


Since the industrial revolution, science and technology have been significantly improved, and the environment has undergone earth shaking changes. With the improvement of living standards, the damage of human beings to the environment is becoming more and more serious, and the problems are coming one after another. The nature is especially awe inspiring, and it is full of countless animals and plants. In the mouth of the older generation, there is a saying about weasels. It is said that weasels can’t be killed. At the beginning, many people thought it was a kind of feudal superstition, not surprising.


The impression of the weasel


It was only after scientific research showed that weasels really could not be killed, and there was a scientific basis for what the older generation said. When it comes to weasels, we all think of a proverb, that is, weasels pay New Year’s greetings to chickens. They don’t have a kind heart. They give people a kind of villain feeling. They are all negative descriptions. They are always destructive. These ideas are human subjective consciousness. In fact, they are wrong. As long as you have a deep understanding of weasels’ habits, you will find that they have more different aspects. Weasels mainly focus on human beings It is not the chicken that feeds on rats. Why do the older generation say that weasels can’t be killed? We can’t generalize it!


The reason why it will steal the chicken is that it can not find food, but a helpless choice. There are many folk legends about it. In fact, weasels can kill thousands of mice for farmers every year and promote the growth of many crops. Mice are extremely hateful. They not only steal food, but also carry all kinds of bacteria, which makes people disgusted. In addition, they are quick in action, so there is nothing we can do about them. Weasels are born to catch mice, providing a guarantee for farmers.


Advantages and disadvantages of weasel


The existence of weasels has both advantages and disadvantages. Frankly speaking, weasels have reduced a lot of burden for human beings. So why do people say weasels can’t be killed? In fact, we have a great prejudice against weasels. Weasels and chickens, as the opposite, mainly satirize people with ulterior motives. We should wipe out these meaningless prejudices and examine any kind of animal with a scientific attitude. We can’t generalize the whole. The individual’s thinking is the individual’s view, and we can measure the value of the weasel from the overall point of view.


Weasels are beneficial to human beings. If you see that weasels don’t kill them at will, they will bring disaster to themselves. Every living creature is a member of the food chain, maintaining the balance of the food chain. If the weasel is extinct, the mice will multiply wildly, gnaw on the farmers’ crops, and the grain will not be harvested. Therefore, the existence of the weasel is conducive to helping farmers capture mice and accelerate the growth of crops.


The weasel’s example tells us a truth: don’t be preconceived. The formation of an idea may lead to a big misunderstanding. It’s easy to make a conclusion without scientific basis. It’s very possible to draw the opposite conclusion. It’s not good for people or things, so we should get the most accurate positioning. Weasel has both advantages and disadvantages. What do you know about it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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