Weird space event: something wrong on the moon? Something’s interfering with humans?

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 was flying to the moon, the first moon landing in human history. However, just a few hours before landing, ground astronomers discovered something strange.

He said in the report that the observation found strange light in the aristacus crater of the moon, and the Houston ground control center immediately asked whether Apollo 11 was true.

Soon after, astronaut Michael Collins reported back: “Hey, Houston, I’m seeing the northern arestacus crater, where the light is so dazzling that it looks like some kind of fluorescent material is flashing.” With that, the call was interrupted.

The interruption lasted for eight or nine seconds, which caused many people to doubt what is the luminous substance on the moon? Is there something in the ground command center that you don’t want the world to know?

Some people speculate that this is NASA deliberately interrupted the broadcast, do not want us to know that there is something on the moon should not appear.

In the decades since, people have been studying this matter, and scientist Peter Schultz is one of them. Maybe a lot of friends will doubt whether this is true or not.

First of all, I want to tell you that the number of times the moon shines is far more than you think, and Apollo 11 is only the most interesting one.

Over the centuries, people have noticed the flashes on the surface of the moon, as well as other unexplained lights, some of which become bright, some dim, and even alternate red, blue, green, purple and other colors. The cumulative number of recorded luminous phenomena is 2254.

There is also a scientific name for this phenomenon, which is called lunar transients. Some people think that this is the gas emitted from the bottom of the moon. Others think that this is the cloud cluster produced by the impact of meteor shower. Is this reasonable?

This is reasonable, but it does not explain all the phenomena. NASA’s official attitude toward Apollo 11 is that the arestacus crater glows because of its reflective dust.

When the sun shines there, it will naturally become brighter. However, many experts can’t sit down because the angle between the sun’s position and the moon obviously can’t cause light refraction when Apollo 11 saw this phenomenon.

Although many scientists disagree with NASA’s explanation, they are unable to explain the mystery. For a long time, people thought that the moon was a dead object. The appearance of this phenomenon even makes people think that the moon is a man-made celestial body.

There’s more than one mystery in space. Let me take a look at what happened to us.

In 1995, the space shuttle Atlantis was launched from Kennedy Space Center, ready to dock with the international space station Mir.

The International Space Station weighs 220000 kg, and the space shuttle weighs 110000 kg. It is 320 km above the earth and flies at a speed of about 8 km per second.

The smallest miscalculation may cause tragedy. At the critical moment of docking, some unexpected things attracted the attention of the astronauts.

During the docking process, they noticed that there were many small luminaries moving around the peace space station. They immediately report to the US ground command center. The response of the ground command center is: these small things are the ice particles shaking off from the space station, so don’t worry, please continue to work.

However, it is obvious that the response of the ground command center has caused a lot of controversy among scientists. They doubt that if the ice particles shaken out by the space station at a speed of 8 km / s 320 km above the earth, it should follow the space station in the same direction or similar direction.

But these little things are doing irregular movement behind, just like being pushed by something, all the time around the space station.

Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman said:

“Ice particles should fly away, and they should be far away. They shouldn’t move around as if they were pushed by something. This may be caused by the movement inside the aircraft or other factors, but sometimes ice particles fall from it, so the real reason is unknown

Let me tell you a little bit. In the course of 15 years of service, Mir space station encountered several fires, a near devastating impact, and several uncontrollable inclinations. Some accidents happen without warning, so the staff of the space station are very confused about them.

So these accidents happened because of bad luck? Is it flying ice? Or is there something interfering with humans? At present, human beings can’t find out.

However, Xiaobian believes that these are just like the aristacus crater. The farther human beings go into the universe, the more unexplained things will come.

What do you think of that? Welcome to comment area.

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