We’ve been cheated for so long! 300 million years ago, we were a fish? Overthrow Darwin’s theory of evolution

People are always curious about the unknown, and actively explore for an answer. There have been many different answers about the origin of human beings, but now we all believe in Darwin’s theory of biological evolution. Human beings evolved from the ancient ape.


In the scientific community, the origin of human beings is still an eternal topic. Since ancient times, there have been frequent exchanges between scientists and historians. They began to explore the origin and development of ancient human civilization. In fact, this topic has always been controversial in the scientific community!

From our junior high school education, people have almost accepted Darwin’s “theory of evolution”, that is, people evolved from apes. That is to say, humans and chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, gibbons have a common ancestor, but with the development of science, people have put forward more doubts about “evolution”!


After Darwin’s theory of evolution was put forward, there was no transitional species on earth. In addition, German biologist heikker also put forward the theory of biological reproduction. From the 19th century to the early 20th century, this theory is still one of the most powerful evidences in the theory of evolution, and provides a map of embryonic development, which shows that the earlier the vertebrate embryo is, the more similar it is. The development of the embryo itself is the repetition of evolution! This diagram, at that time, really provided one of the most powerful evidences for evolution! And further proved that Darwin’s theory is correct!


But surprisingly, a major discovery in biology in 1997 did not “correct” the mistakes of the past, but uncovered the biggest scandal or deception in the history of biology. Experiments have proved that Haeckel suspected that this picture was a forgery when he drew it, because the early human embryos did have some characteristics of fish. However, in order to make the theory of evolution and biological restoration more perfect and convincing, Haeckel artificially drew and modified it, making the vertebrate embryos look very similar at the earliest stage!

Is human evolved from fish? The world has a life span of 4.6 billion years. Life was born 3.8 billion years ago. Fish, as the oldest vertebrate, has been put forward new theories by many scientists. Therefore, most people believe that the ancestors of human beings are fish and evolved from animals.


As a matter of fact, so far, human beings have not found any transitional species of human ancestors. Since Darwin put forward the theory of evolution, scientists have been looking for transitional species of human beings in some animals. Later, due to the similarity between Australopithecus and human beings, scientists generally believe that Australopithecus is the ape that evolved into human beings.


Since then, Ernst Haeckel, a German biologist, was suspected to be a forgery when he drew the map of human embryos in the 19th century, which has become the biggest fraud in the history of biology. However, the discovery of transitional fossils later confirmed the correctness of biological evolution!

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