What are dark matter and dark energy? They may bring a leap forward development to human civilization

From the moment of the big bang of singularity, the huge energy produced in the universe has been transformed into all kinds of materials needed by the universe. No matter stars, planets or other celestial bodies, they are all made up of the most basic kinds of matter. It can be said that the universe is a material world, and everything is made up of matter.

In the past people’s cognition, matter in the universe is composed of visible matter, that is, matter that can be directly observed by us. In the micro world, it is also composed of basic visible particles. However, as human beings go out of the earth to explore the universe, they find that there are many unreasonable phenomena in the universe.

By observing the motion of star system, scientists put forward the concept of dark matter. It is an invisible matter that may exist in the universe in theory. It is the main component of cosmic matter, but it does not belong to any known matter that constitutes visible matter.


Modern astronomy through the movement of celestial bodies, the phenomenon of universal gravitation, gravitational lens effect, the formation of large-scale structure of the universe, microwave background radiation and other observation results show that dark matter may exist in a large number of galaxies, star clusters and the universe, and its mass is far greater than the total mass of all visible celestial bodies in the universe.

Although dark matter has not been directly detected at present, there has been a lot of evidence that a large number of dark matter lies in the universe. Therefore, scientists now do not doubt the authenticity of the existence of dark matter. It is similar to the existence of black holes. In the decades since black holes were proposed by scientists, although scientists have not taken real pictures of the universe, there are still many phenomena in the universe But it shows the existence of black holes. Until recently, the first real picture of human black holes was taken.

It’s the same with dark matter. Scientists don’t doubt its existence, but it’s not so easy to detect it. For dark matter, physicists have always wanted to understand a kind of matter. Scientists know that this mysterious matter accounts for a quarter of the matter in the universe, but we still know nothing about its essence.

What is dark matter? It has become a big mystery in the scientific community. Scientists try to uncover the mystery of dark matter through the micro world. As we all know, matter is divided into the macro world and the micro world. The matter in the macro world can be explained by the particles in the micro world, so dark matter may also correspond to a special mysterious micro particle. So what is this particle?


There is a view that dark matter is actually composed of a large number of tiny and “fuzzy” small particles, and its behavior is like a huge single “particle”. This kind of particle is called ultralight particle by scientists, but the efforts of scientists in searching for this kind of “fuzzy” ultralight particle have failed, according to the report published in cosmology and astroparticle physics on February 28 this year The latest research papers and the latest search work are all empty handed.

At present, there are many different theories about the nature of dark matter, but none of them is supported by enough evidence, so it is indisputable. The theory that dark matter is composed of “fuzzy” light particles is a new conjecture put forward by scientists, but after a series of exploration and experiments, it is still unsuccessful.

In the end, scientists did not find any clues related to the existence of ultra light dark matter particles, at least the light particles that can explain the lack of large-scale Galaxy structure were not found in this search. However, it should be noted that such results do not mean that such particles absolutely do not exist. For dark matter, some scientists believe that it may not belong to a certain particle composition known in modern physics. If you want to fully reveal the essence of dark matter, you may have a bolder guess and an open brain.


Scientists attach so much importance to the research and exploration of dark matter, what significant impact will this dark matter have on human civilization? As a matter of fact, scientists don’t know what the dark matter will do to human beings, but one thing is for sure. The dark matter is much more than the visible matter, so it is likely to participate in the formulation and management of the cosmic order.

Scientists believe that after the big bang, dark matter participated in the construction of the cosmic framework, and the safe and stable gravitational environment in the universe may also be related to dark matter. If there is dark matter, there will be dark energy. Scientists think that the reason why the universe will continue to expand may have a lot to do with dark energy. It can be said that dark matter and dark energy may be the real managers of the universe.

If we want to explore the mysteries of the universe, we need to uncover the veil of dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter and dark energy may be the key to the realization of interstellar shuttle. I believe friends all know that the universe is so vast that we can’t imagine it. The distance of the universe is in light years. If human beings want to go out of the solar system and explore the galaxies near the solar system, the speed of the spaceship must at least reach the speed of sublight or light.

However, the speed of light in the universe can only be regarded as the basic speed. Such a speed can’t get out of the galaxy at all. If you want to get out of the galaxy, you need to at least exceed the speed of light. So ordinary superluminal flight is nothing in front of the vast universe. If you want to really cross the universe and go wherever you want, you need a faster speed mode.


So what kind of speed can we hope to achieve the free shuttle between galaxies? Scientists have proposed wormholes. Wormholes are equivalent to a gate connecting two points in the universe. These two points may be the Milky way on one side and Andromeda galaxy on the other. Through this gate, we can easily shuttle between galaxies and instantly span millions of light-years. Is this speed completely beyond our imagination.

How to realize the wormhole shuttle? Some scientists speculate that the key problem lies in the dark matter and dark energy. The reason why the wormhole can realize the rapid shuttle between the stars is that the wormhole is actually a world composed of dark matter and dark energy. There is a space-time flow which is very fast. After the spaceship enters the wormhole, the space-time current will take the spaceship to sail fast, which is far faster than the speed of light, It’s not a speed model that we can understand.

However, if we want to open a wormhole in the universe, we may need powerful energy, and this energy may only be dark energy. Therefore, dark matter and dark energy may be related to the future of human civilization and the key to whether we can explore the mystery of the universe. Unfortunately, we still know nothing about dark matter and dark energy. We hope to find more in the future.


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