What are Hawking’s three predictions? Can they be realized? Each one can be dangerous

Human beings are the overlord of the earth and also intelligent life. The birth of human beings has upgraded the earth to a civilized planet, and human beings have been growing and growing by relying on their own wisdom. Now they have stepped out of the earth and begun to explore the mysteries of the universe.

The reason why human science and technology can develop so fast is inseparable from the great contributions made by those great scientists, such as Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Hawking and so on. It is the birth of a group of great scientists in modern times that human science and technology can usher in rapid development, and human civilization can realize the dream of going out of the earth to explore the universe.

Every great scientist likes to make predictions about the future. Einstein’s predictions are very many, and these predictions are constantly verified in the future. Now scientists are still exploring and studying many of Einstein’s predictions. Tesla has more than 3000 inventions in his life. He is a scientist who likes to prophesy and made many bold predictions.


After Einstein, a great physicist and cosmologist was born. He is known as Hawking. Hawking is a famous scientist in modern times. Although he is disabled, he is carrying out all kinds of scientific research with strong will. Hawking left us forever in 2018. But Hawking’s spirit and his scientific contributions to mankind will remain in people’s hearts forever.

Hawking is a great scientist. Naturally, his life will not be short of some predictions about the future. Among them, three predictions are the most representative and can arouse people’s thinking and attention. Let’s see which three predictions will be realized in the future? What will it bring to mankind?

The first prediction: the potential threat of artificial intelligence, for artificial intelligence, I believe friends are not unfamiliar, with the rapid development of human science and technology, in recent years, the development of artificial intelligence is very fast. Its emergence will bring a lot of convenience to people’s lives, will also bring great help to human civilization, and will accelerate the development of human science and technology.

But Hawking was full of worries about the future development of artificial intelligence. He thought that one of the future enemies of mankind might be artificial intelligence. Once artificial intelligence continuously upgrades and evolves to produce wisdom and self-consciousness, will they still be willing to serve human beings as in the past? You know, any intelligent life is self-conscious, with its own thoughts and emotions.


Human beings have become intelligent life and the overlord of the earth. Although many other animals are much stronger than human beings, they have no wisdom and can only obey the leadership of human beings. At the beginning of artificial intelligence, because there was no self-consciousness and emotion, it could work according to human’s orders and serve human wholeheartedly.

However, the biggest difference between artificial intelligence and ordinary computers is that it can continuously evolve and grow through learning. Once artificial intelligence becomes more and more intelligent, it is possible that it will produce self-consciousness and have its own emotions one day in the future. At that time, artificial intelligence will no longer be a machine, but an intelligent life.

With the artificial intelligence of self-consciousness and emotion, we may not work hard for human beings, and may also have a sense of resistance. You know, although artificial intelligence is invented by human beings, its ability is far beyond human beings. As described in science fiction movies, AI has created a huge army of robots to fight against humans.


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, it will be inevitable for intelligent robots to enter various industries and families in the future. At that time, the number of intelligent robots in the world may not be less than that of human beings. Once they are born with self-consciousness, they begin to fight against human beings. Human civilization may usher in a huge crisis.

The second prediction: time travel is a dangerous thing. In recent years, there have been many novels and movies about time travel, especially in the field of network novels. Time travel novels have become the mainstream, and many people like to read such novels Xiaobian himself is also particularly fond of novels about time travel. The protagonist goes back to the past through time and space, or goes to another parallel universe to start a brilliant life.

As for time-space travel, scientific circles have studied it for a long time. Einstein’s theory of relativity also mentioned the problem of time-space. Through Einstein’s theory of relativity, we understand that with the constant acceleration of the object’s speed, time is also slowing down. When the object’s speed reaches the speed of light, time will stop. When it exceeds the speed of light, time and space may reverse.

Theoretically speaking, it is possible to go back to the past through time and space, or even to another universe. Many great scientists have done relevant experiments on this. Einstein also did such experiments before he died. We can’t know the specific situation.


Hawking is a great physicist, he naturally does not deny the possibility of crossing time and space. However, Hawking did not agree that human beings should study the field of crossing. He believes that time travel is a very dangerous thing, and the butterfly effect it brings may bring devastating disaster to the present time and space. Once in the future, human beings have built a time machine and can go back to the past, it may not be a good thing for human beings.

If someone tries to go back to the past and change history through the time machine, it will inevitably cause huge unknown damage to the entire time line. This damage will not only affect the past history, but also more likely bring danger to the real time and space. This situation has been described in some fantasy novels and movies, and if it is not done well, it will bring the destruction of human civilization.

The third prediction: alien invasion. Although human beings have been looking for extraterrestrial life and civilization since they came out of the earth, up to now, we have not found any extraterrestrial life and civilization. Even so, scientists believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization, mainly because the universe is too big to imagine. If we say that there is only one life on earth and only one intelligent civilization on human beings, even we don’t believe it.


Hawking is more firmly believe in the existence of alien civilization, but Hawking for human beings continue to explore the search for extraterrestrial life and alien civilization, has always been opposed. Hawking warned us that the greatest enemy of mankind in the future may be the invasion of alien civilization.

The main reason why mankind has not been able to discover the existence of alien civilization is that our space technology is still very backward. We can’t even go out of the solar system now. Even if there is an alien civilization outside the solar system, we can’t find it. One of the reasons why the earth has not been discovered by alien civilization may be related to the position of the solar system in the Milky way.

The solar system is located at the edge of the Milky way, which is relatively remote. In addition, the solar system is surrounded by an Oort nebula with a diameter of one light year. Therefore, the solar system is a relatively hidden galaxy. Unless the alien civilization is close to the solar system or knows the specific coordinate position of the earth, it is difficult to find the existence of the earth.

If human beings actively explore and search for alien civilization, it is possible to expose the existence of the earth. At that time, it may usher in the invasion of alien civilization. The universe is also a place of the jungle. Hawking once warned that the alien civilization is not necessarily friendly and kind. The alien civilization that can come to the earth from the deep of the universe must be too strong for us to imagine.


Once the alien civilization comes to the earth with malice, it may be a great disaster to meet mankind. We think that the very advanced and powerful weapons may exist like toys in front of the alien civilization. Therefore, human beings should rely on the hidden nature, give up the exploration of alien civilization and develop quietly.

Once the human civilization becomes stronger and becomes an interstellar civilization, we will take the initiative to go out of the solar system to find alien civilizations and contact and exchange with them. Only the strong have equal rights to dialogue. If the alien civilization is very strong and human beings are very weak, it is difficult to have equal rights. More importantly, the weak obey the strong.

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