What are some mysterious things discovered by scientists hundreds of millions of years ago?

The earth has a long history of 4.6 billion years. In such a long time, what ecological changes has the earth experienced? Now we can only speculate through some archaeological discoveries. There has always been such a scientific topic in the scientific community that many people question: did ancient civilization exist?

The time from the birth of human beings to the present is only about 2 million years. Compared with the earth’s 4.6 billion years of history, 2 million years is only a very short time, which can be said to be an instant. So before human beings, whether there were other intelligent civilizations on the earth has always been a mystery. Some people may say that we can explore the possibility of ancient civilization through some archaeology.

But the traces of civilization will gradually disappear with the passage of time. If an ancient civilization appeared on the earth 100 million years ago, and then it was destroyed for unknown reasons, then the traces of civilization will disappear on the earth in 100 million years. Therefore, it is difficult for us to prove the possibility of the existence of ancient civilization through modern archaeology.


However, scientists did find some mysterious and strange ancient objects in archaeology. After these mysterious objects were published, many people regarded them as signs of civilization and thought that they were traces of ancient civilization. Is that really the case? Now let’s take a look at some of the representative archaeological discoveries to see what they are?

1、 Ancient footprints on trilobites. In June 1968, amateur fossil expert Mister found an ancient fossil with a sandal on the trilobite. This is a fossil 300 million to 600 million years ago. If this footprint is really left by intelligent life, prehistoric civilization may have appeared on the earth 300 million years ago.

So is this footprint really a person’s footprint? The discovery of this footprint has caused a great sensation in the scientific community. Scientists from all over the world have joined in the research and exploration to find out whether this footprint is a person’s. Judging from the footprints on this ancient fossil, it has very obvious toes, and the traces of the arch of the foot are not obvious. From the appearance, it is very similar to a person’s footprints.

But later there was a question about this. Theoretically speaking, footprints are difficult to leave traces on fossils. We should know that the environment of the earth is not like that of the moon. There is no atmosphere, wind and other ecological damage factors. And the earth is a complete ecosystem environment, weathering, rain and other natural climate simply can not let a footprint stay in hundreds of millions of years later. If there were any ancient people who left their footprints on the rocks at that time, they would disappear with the wind and rain, so how did they leave their footprints?


Therefore, some people have come to the conclusion that this is not a human footprint at all, it is just a cross-sectional structure left by the natural rock, and it is a complete coincidence that it has become the shape of a shoe. In fact, there are many such strange rocks in reality. Many people like to collect strange rocks. The shape and shape of some stones are very similar to some things in human life, but they are all created by the uncanny workmanship of nature, not man-made.

2、 The nuclear reactor two billion years ago, as we all know, Einstein was the founder of nuclear energy research. With the emergence of human science and technology, nuclear energy, a powerful energy source, was discovered by scientists and became the ultimate power of human beings. The research and application of nuclear energy need to use nuclear reactor, which is the representative of modern scientific civilization. But some scientists have found several 2 billion year old nuclear reactors in some parts of Africa. What’s the matter?

If the discovered 2 billion year old nuclear reactor is man-made, it means that there was a prehistoric civilization in Africa 2 billion years ago, and the application of nuclear energy has been developed. Their technology is no less than that of modern civilization, so they may be stronger. So are these ancient nuclear reactors really man-made?


Through research, scientists found that there is more than one of these nuclear reactors. Although the structure is very large, the structure is relatively loose. If it is really the nuclear reactor of ancient human beings, it should be very difficult to collect such energy, and such a nuclear reactor has no practical function, let alone power generation. So it’s useless for such a nuclear reaction to come. Why did ancient civilizations struggle with such an inapplicable thing?

After investigation, scientists believe that two billion years ago, shortly after the formation of the Oklo uranium deposit in Africa, there was a natural nuclear reactor. Many people may say that nuclear reactors can still be formed naturally? Scientists believe that natural nuclear reactors are possible. In ancient times, the content of uranium 235 on the earth was much higher than it is now. In this case, it is possible to form natural nuclear reactors.

Third, ancient screws, screws are more common things in our daily life, for its form is not strange, but do you see the ancient screws? While searching for the remains of the Kaluga iron meteorite, scientists found an object 300 million years ago. The object is about 2 cm long, similar to modern architecture, and is used to assemble machine screws.

Some people think that this screw is a symbol of civilization, which means that the earth had intelligent life and civilization long before human beings appeared. This screw was made by prehistoric civilization in ancient times. So is this screw really artificial? If you look closely, this ancient screw is different.


As we all know, the screws are threaded, and they are connected ring by ring. They can be rotated left or right. However, the threads of this screw seem to exist independently and are not connected together. Is this screw left-handed or right-handed? Can it wind up? In fact, this is not a screw at all, but a prehistoric fossil of aquatic arthropod. The thread shape of its tail is similar to that of an artificial screw, so it caused people’s misunderstanding.

The discovery of these three ancient fossils by the above scientists is a coincidence. They are not the creation of civilization. So we can’t conclude from this that there was a historical civilization on earth. Of course, we can’t deny the existence of prehistoric civilization completely. We can only find new evidence. If we can find real ancient man-made objects again in the future, it may prove that there might have been prehistoric civilization on the earth in ancient times.

Some friends may ask: why can’t we be sure that there was a prehistoric civilization on the earth after the discovery of ancient man-made objects? Because there is another situation here, that is, alien civilization has visited the earth. In the earth’s 4.6 billion years, there may have been prehistoric civilizations, and there is a great possibility that they have been patronized by alien civilizations. If an alien civilization left some scientific and technological creations on the earth hundreds of millions of years ago and billions of years ago, it will be discovered by us now.


If we can find such objects, we can only prove that there were intelligent civilizations on the earth in ancient times, and we can’t be sure whether they were local civilizations or alien civilizations.

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