What are the floating objects in front of you in a daze? Don’t worry. You’ll know after reading it

Are you in a daze, there will be some floating dots in front of you? It floats in the air like some microbes, and when you pay attention to it, it seems to disappear again. When you change your vision, it comes back.

If you’ve ever seen microbes like this floating in the air, it’s not an illusion or an illusion. And what you see is a common phenomenon. It’s called flying mosquito. What is flying mosquito disease? What impact will it have on us? The following small series will give you a scientific and detailed introduction.


What is flying mosquito disease?

Fly mosquito disease in the scientific community is known as? Muscae volitantes, muscae in Latin means flies, volitantes means flying or flying.

Just like its name, it’s just like an annoying fly and mosquito, flying around in front of your eyes, so it’s called “flying mosquito disease” in Chinese. As for why it is called fly disease, Xiaobian is not very clear. Maybe people think flies are a little disgusting, so it’s better to use mosquitoes.


Of course, this is not the point, whether it’s flies or mosquitoes. In fact, they are not real insects or alien organisms. They are things that exist in our eyeballs, and these things are our red blood cells, protein blocks or tissue cells.

Then some people will ask, why do we see them?


Although these floating objects are very small, when they float to the visible range, their shadows will project onto the retina and be captured by the light-sensitive tissue behind the eyeball, so we can see how there are some strange unknown objects in front of us.

However, some of these “flying mosquitoes” are not easy to be detected. They are only detected when they are close to the retina. This can be compared to the pupil receiving light, which is like a flashlight. The back wall is like the retina, and the object in the middle is a floating object.

When the object is closer to the wall, the shadow will be more obvious. When the object is farther away from the wall, the shadow will weaken or disappear.


Have you found that when you look at the white screen, these “alien creatures” are more likely to appear.

Yes, staring at the white screen or looking at the bright monochrome picture, such as the blue sky, “flying mosquito” will be more obvious.


As we all know, when the eyes face the stronger light, the pupil will naturally be smaller, the pupil of the eyes will be smaller, and the light will be more concentrated. This can also be used as a metaphor just now. A flashlight is a pupil. When the light of the flashlight is more concentrated, the image of the shadow will be more obvious. Therefore, this is why it is easier to detect “flying mosquitoes” in bright places.

And these are not alien creatures, they are human cells. Not everyone will see these “flying mosquitoes”. If you can see them, you should pay attention to them.

Because we would not have seen them, that is to say, the vitreous in our eyeballs was originally transparent and clean, just like a piece of transparent jelly, without these “flying mosquitoes”.


As people age, the vitreous body will liquefy slowly, and some of the collagen will disintegrate into fibers, becoming the so-called “flying mosquito”. And if it’s some red blood cell “flying mosquitoes”, it’s more important to pay attention to it. Usually, the appearance of red blood cells indicates that there is a crack in the retina, leading to red blood cells entering the vitreous body.

The severity of floaters


In the past, most of the patients with mosquitosis were the elderly. However, with the development of science and technology, everyone has a mobile phone and computer, and the overuse of eyes and myopia, more and more young people are suffering from mosquitosis.

Do you find that when you see “flying mosquitoes”, they are mostly caused by excessive eye use. So the reason why it is called a disease is that it is not the state that people have at the beginning.

What if you encounter flying mosquito? Does it mean that there is something wrong with your eyes?


Flying mosquito disease is also divided into three categories, to know which category you are to judge. They are physiological, degenerative and pathological.



It accounts for 20% of the three categories. Most of them occur under 40 years old. Some “flying mosquitoes” can be seen. However, because these are naturally formed impurities, they usually disappear naturally.


Accounting for the most of the three categories, accounting for 75%, generally occurred in 40 years old. But only one “flying mosquito” can be seen, because the vitreous body is separated from the retina after degeneration.



Among the three categories, only 5% of them are severe symptoms. Patients will see a lot of “flying mosquitoes”, which is likely to threaten their vision and lead to blindness.


So in general, floaters is a common phenomenon. Sometimes you see a few floating objects, and it doesn’t happen very often. There’s no need to worry. It’s mostly physiological floaters.

Maybe it’s just excessive use of the eyes, proper rest, no need to see a doctor. But if there is a sudden increase of “flying mosquitoes” in front of us, it will be pathological. It is better to check with an ophthalmologist.

Do you see “flying mosquitoes” in front of you? Welcome to comment area.

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