What are the frequent UFOs? Some scientists think it might be a time machine

When we look up at the starry sky, we will see countless twinkling stars winking at us. There is no doubt that the starry sky at night is very beautiful, especially the river of stars. Due to the lack of astronomical knowledge, people in ancient times were not clear about the identity of stars, so there were many myths and legends related to stars.

With the development of human civilization, we have entered the era of science and technology. With the help of scientific forces, we have invented the astronomical telescope and walked out of the earth. We finally know the real identity of the stars in the night sky. They are actually very far away from us. These stars are basically stars like the sun.


Behind every star means that there will be a stellar system, with different numbers of planets moving around it. There are countless stars in the vast sky, and naturally there are countless planets. From the perspective of the universe, there is no doubt about the existence of alien civilization.

We often fantasize about what the alien civilization will look like in the distant starry sky? How are they different from humans? However, it is very difficult for such a fantasy to come true, because human technology is still very backward, we have not been able to explore across the stars, and naturally we can not go to the galaxies where alien civilizations may exist.

Although human beings have not been able to go to other galaxies to explore for alien civilization, all kinds of mysterious events about alien civilization are constantly staged on earth. Among them, it is speculated that the UFO, also known as UFO, is closely related to alien civilization.


We all know about UFO. It has been a lively scientific topic for more than half a century. Moreover, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the frequency of UFOs is also higher and higher. In 2021, scientists found that the number of UFO sightings increased by 50% than in previous years.

What will be the value of such frequent UFOs? What are they? In recent decades, there have been a number of UFO sightings all over the world every year. In some of the sightings, some people also claimed to see strange looking creatures coming out of the spacecraft, with humanoid body structure, and even able to communicate with human beings without hindrance.


In addition to some eyewitness reports of creatures coming out of the UFO, there are very few eyewitnesses who said that they were also brought into the spacecraft by UFOs for experiments. So are these few witnesses right? Many people have raised objection to this.

As for the identity of UFOs, the current general view is that the spacecraft of alien civilization. If UFOs are the aircraft of alien civilization, then aliens are unlikely to have a structure very similar to human beings. Because the planet environment where humans and aliens live is totally different, the intelligent life evolved from two completely different ecological environments will naturally be very different.

Moreover, there will be great differences in development, technology and language between different civilizations and races. If human beings do not understand the language of alien civilizations, they will naturally not understand the language of human beings. Therefore, even if they meet, it is unlikely that they will not hinder normal communication. Is this cognition correct?


Biologists have different views on this. Biologists believe that the conditions for the birth of a living planet are strict. The birth of life on earth requires various excellent ecological conditions, such as atmosphere, magnetic field, water, oxygen and so on. Then, a planet with alien civilization naturally needs to meet the conditions for the birth of life. Therefore, there are many similarities between the ecological environment of the alien civilization planet and that of the earth, but there may be differences in some details.

If the environment of the alien civilization is similar to that of the earth, then the intelligent life bred will have many similarities with human nature. This process of evolving the same characteristics in different similar environments is called “convergent evolution”, which is completely in line with the theory of life evolution. Therefore, eyewitnesses said that they saw some humanoid similar to human beings emerging from the unidentified flight, which has certain credibility.


If many eyewitness events around the world are real, will the humanoid seen by eyewitnesses really be aliens? Maybe in the eyes of many people, if they can ride such an advanced aircraft to appear above the earth, they should be aliens. Can they still be humans?

It is estimated that many people will not believe that UFO is a human aircraft, because we all know that the current scientific and technological strength of mankind is far from being able to produce such an advanced spacecraft. But most people don’t agree with the conjecture, but some scientists think it’s not entirely impossible. The famous scientist Michael P. masters thinks that these UFOs are human aircraft.

Masters is a scientist with profound attainments in the field of archaeology, biology and archaeology. He has published papers in many influential scientific journals. In an interview last year, he put forward a shocking view to us, that is, these unknown flying objects are real, and the strange creatures seen by eyewitnesses are real, but they are not It’s not aliens, it’s humans from the future.


Masters believes that the development of science and technology in the future of mankind has reached a very high level, which has solved the mystery of space-time and developed the time machine. In fact, as early as 2019, masters published the book “identifying UFOs: multidisciplinary research on UFO phenomenon”.

The book analyzes many UFO witness reports that have appeared in the past half a century. Through a lot of analysis and research, he believes that UFOs are time machines that can travel through time and space, and the strange creatures coming out of them are future human beings. After this point of view was put forward, it overturned people’s cognition, and many people also questioned it. There are two main questions. One is why the future human beings will grow so strange, and the gap between them and the appearance of modern people is so big? The other is time travel. Is it really possible?


In fact, the first question is not difficult to answer. I believe many friends know that human beings evolved from ancient apes. The evolution of human beings over millions of years has gone through many periods, and there are many differences in the appearance of human ancestors in each period. Even Homo sapiens, the ancestor of modern humans, is different from modern humans in appearance.

The reason for these differences is the evolution brought about by the changing ecological environment. So will future human beings be exactly the same as modern people in appearance? The answer is No. scientists have conducted a variety of simulations on the appearance of human beings in the future. Through the simulations, it is found that with the continuous changes of the earth’s ecology, the evolution of human beings in the future will also change, and the appearance is naturally different from that of modern people.

Of course, even if future human beings are different from modern people in appearance, some landmark features will be preserved, such as symmetrical body structure, upright walking, etc.


As for the question of whether time can be traversed, Einstein’s theory of relativity has already given the answer. The theory of relativity tells us that time and space can be distorted, and time will naturally become slower, faster, stop or even regress. Therefore, in theory, time travel can be realized, and Einstein also conducted relevant research on it.

Since time shuttle can exist in theory, it is not impossible for human beings to make time shuttle in the future as long as we have a thorough grasp of the mystery of time and space with the continuous progress of human science and technology. Of course, for the current human science and technology, crossing time and space and shuttling on different time lines is just a matter of conjecture, which can not be achieved in reality.

All in all, what is a UFO? At present, there is no definite conclusion, we need more research and exploration. No matter what they are, their technological level is far higher than ours. If we want to solve the mystery behind them, maybe only time can give us an accurate answer.

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