What are the main tasks of chang’e-4 when it returns its first close-up image of the moon’s back?

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. Since ancient times, people have a different feeling about the moon. In ancient times, people could only observe the moon with their naked eyes. Although they could see some different places on the moon, they were not sure what it was? So many myths and legends about the moon have emerged.

With the rapid development of science and technology and the appearance of astronomical telescopes, people can better observe the moon. At this time, we realized that the shadows on the moon are either craters or craters. There is no mythical Moon Palace. In fact, the moon is a very desolate planet.

When human beings stepped out of the earth, they also began to explore the moon. The probe flew to the moon to carry out a series of explorations. In addition, human beings completed a manned landing on the moon in the last century, which was the first manned landing on the moon in the United States in 1969. After the astronauts landed on the moon, they issued the heroic words of “this is a small step for me, but it is a big step for mankind”. At that moment, the whole mankind was boiling. This is a very remarkable achievement. Later, the United States never landed on the moon again.

As we all know, the moon is divided into front and back. Because the rotation of the moon is the same as the revolution, it will always face the earth. We can’t see what the back is like on the earth. In recent decades, the lunar landers have landed on the front of the moon. On the back of the moon, only the probe has made fuzzy observations on the lunar orbit.


Therefore, for many years, people have a lot of speculation about the back of the moon. Some people say that there are alien bases on the back of the moon, alien ship wrecks, and alien corpses. Open Baidu to search “the back of the moon”, you will find many legends about the back of the moon, which seem to be well founded, so many people mistakenly think that the back of the moon is very mysterious, and it seems that there are really aliens on the back of the moon.

So what’s on the back of the moon? The answer will soon be revealed. China’s chang’e-4 successfully landed on the back of the moon at 10:26 a.m. on January 3, after 26 days of “long trek” and “recuperation”. This is the first time that a human probe has landed on the back of the moon. Chang’e-4 sent back the world’s first close-up image of the moon’s back through the magpie bridge relay satellite, revealing the mystery of the ancient moon’s back.

The soft landing area of chang’e-4 is located in the von Kamen crater in the Aiken basin of Antarctica on the back of the moon. The diameter of the crater is about 180 km, which is almost the distance from Shanghai to Hangzhou. The Aiken basin, where von kamenkeng is located, is a very old large basin with a diameter of 2600 km, which is of great scientific significance. Why did chang’e-4 choose this von Karman crater as its landing site? There are mainly the following reasons.

First, the terrain of von Karman crater is relatively flat, which is conducive to the smooth landing of the probe. Second, the crater is old, about 4 billion years old. We can learn more about the history of the moon from here. Thirdly, there are probably deep mantle materials exposed by early impact in the surface or shallow lunar soil of von Kamen crater. Considering many factors, the scientific significance of landing in the von Kamen pit is great, and the discovery results in the future are also worth looking forward to.

The environment on the back of the moon is very different from that on the front. Moreover, the back of the moon is much older and something special can be found. In recent decades, there have been many human probes landing on the front of the moon, so we know a lot about the front of the moon, but the understanding of the back of the moon is still blank. Some people may ask: why don’t other countries send spacecraft to land on the back of the moon?


This is the problem of technical difficulty. Landing on the front and back of the moon is totally two different levels, one is simple mode, the other is difficult mode. Landing on the back of the moon needs to face many problems, the first is the problem of communication. We should know that the back of the moon is blocked by the front, and the signal on the back cannot be directly transmitted back to the earth. If we can’t solve the problem of communication, it’s impossible for the probe to land on the back of the moon.

Since the moon blocks the back, a signal relay satellite should be set up to prepare for the lander and provide full signal support. Since the 1960s, NASA has been putting forward ideas and arguments, but it has never put them into practice. At present, China has completed this task: as early as may this year, the magpie bridge relay satellite was successfully deployed to run on the halo orbit cluster near Lagrange 2 o’clock, 65000 kilometers behind the moon. This is the first lunar signal relay satellite in human history, which sets up a “magpie bridge” behind the earth and the moon. It will witness the whole exploration process of chang’e-4 and also be responsible for the whole communication of chang’e-4.

After solving the communication problem, we have to face many other problems if we want to land on the back of the moon. We can’t land on the back of the moon without advanced space science and technology. It can be seen that China’s space exploration technology has been in the forefront of the world, and we are proud of it. What are the missions of chang’e-4 to the moon?

The main tasks of chang’e-4 landing on the back of the moon are as follows: first, lunar based low-frequency radio astronomical observation; second, inspection of the von Kamen crater and exploration of shallow structure and mineral composition below; third, research on the environment of the back of the moon. The exploration mission of chang’e-4 is helpful to establish the early research framework of lunar minerals and lunar surface environment, and lay the foundation for further development of the moon in the future.


Today, chang’e-4 has successfully landed on the back of the moon, and a series of exploration and research activities will be carried out in the future. At the same time, there will be continuous clear photos of the back of the moon sent back to the earth in the later stage, and all these photos will be made public in China, and will not be hidden. After the success of the mission, the first-hand scientific research data collected by chang’e-4 will be made public, and scientists from all over the world are welcome to study together. In a word: the Chang’e project is the largest international business card of China’s aerospace industry in recent years. It has caused extensive influence, but also received a lot of attention both inside and outside the industry. It is the best platform for China’s aerospace opening up to attract cooperation.

Therefore, chang’e-4 in front of us is not only China’s, but also the world’s. Its scientific and engineering significance is a major breakthrough for the whole mankind. This shows the magnanimity of our country. China’s lunar exploration project has been in the forefront of the world. It is believed that shortly after the completion of chang’e-4’s lunar exploration mission, chang’e-5’s manned lunar landing will also begin, which is expected to be around 2030.

In the near future, the moon will become a prosperous place with not only mining bases, but also a moon city after transformation. It will no longer be a dream for human beings to live or travel on the moon. We are looking forward to that day.

My friends, what do you think of chang’e-4’s successful landing on the moon? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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