What are the major breakthroughs of battery technology in the future? Antimatter batteries are so powerful you can’t imagine

Since the industrial revolution 300 years ago, mankind has entered the road of scientific and technological development. With the rapid development of science and technology, human civilization has ushered in a new era. With developed means of transportation, the distance between the earth is no longer a problem. With advanced means of communication, the distance between people is no longer a problem. With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, and human beings have realized their dream of flying to the sky, going out of the earth and exploring the universe.

With the rapid development of science and technology, there are a lot of science and technology products, most of which are inseparable from batteries. It can be said that battery technology is an important part of the era of science and technology. Without the continuous update and change of batteries, there will be no rapid development of science and technology. Let’s take the mobile phone, a communication tool commonly used by people, as an example. The use of mobile phones is inseparable from batteries.

In the early days, mobile phones were very large. For example, many old people still remember the mobile phones of the 1990s, which were as big as bricks. The most important reason why they made mobile phones so large was that they had large batteries. However, with the rapid development of battery technology, the battery is less and thinner, while the battery capacity is larger and larger, so the mobile phone naturally becomes smaller and thinner.


Although the capacity of mobile phone battery is getting larger and larger, people feel that the electricity is less and less enough, and they need to charge every day. The main reason is that the function of mobile phone is more and more abundant, and the function of mobile phone calling is second. Mobile phone Internet, chat shopping, watching movies and so on have become the mainstream, so the battery of mobile phone is less and less durable.

If you want to make mobile phones use more time, you need to develop more powerful batteries. However, careful friends will find that in recent years, the development of science and technology is still very fast, artificial intelligence is also developing rapidly, and the development of aerospace technology is also very fast, but the development of battery technology has fallen into a stagnation, and the development is getting slower and slower.

Is there less research and funding for batteries? In fact, it is not. On the contrary, in recent years, the scientific research personnel and funds invested in battery technology have been increasing. They all expect to make a major breakthrough in the field of battery technology. Unfortunately, the development is not fast. Compared with the development speed of other technologies, the development of battery technology is very slow.

We are still not out of the framework of traditional battery technology, and we are still continuing to extend the power of lithium batteries. What scientists can do is to improve the service life of batteries, or solve other power consumption problems such as CPU and screen. There is no major breakthrough in battery technology. Of course, it doesn’t mean that scientists don’t work hard. Scientists also study battery technology every day, hoping to produce epoch-making new batteries.


However, many revolutionary technologies can’t be achieved by your hard work and time. Sometimes a breakthrough of revolutionary technology is just an inspiration. If this inspiration doesn’t appear, no matter how hard you work and pay, you will not get results. The key reason why human beings have developed so fast in the past 100 years is the emergence of great scientists such as Einstein and Newton. Many of their researches have appeared in a flash.

For example, Newton’s law of universal gravitation, sitting under a tree and seeing an apple fall from the tree, came up with the law of universal gravitation in a flash of inspiration. Einstein’s theory of relativity was also inspired. For two reasons, the revolutionary breakthrough of battery technology also needs such inspiration. The battery technology of mankind has entered a bottleneck stage, which is an important technology wall. To break through this wall, we need inspiration and luck instead of hard work and constant research.

It is possible that some scientists will come up with a new direction of battery technology in a flash of inspiration tomorrow, so as to put forward new battery technology and make epoch-making progress in human battery technology. So what major breakthroughs will be made in future batteries? In fact, if the battery wants to have a major breakthrough, it still needs a breakthrough in energy. If there is no major breakthrough in energy, the battery will not have a revolutionary breakthrough.


In recent decades, there has been no major breakthrough in energy. At present, our most powerful energy is nuclear energy, but we can only use nuclear fission. The application of nuclear fission has been for decades. It has been used in nuclear power plants, but because nuclear fission is not safe and has strong radiation, it can not be widely used, let alone applied to universal battery technology.

Only nuclear fusion, which is stable and pollution-free, is a powerful clean energy, can achieve a major breakthrough in battery technology. In the future, once human beings have mastered the controllable nuclear fusion technology, nuclear batteries will also be applied to replace our traditional batteries. Naturally, the performance of nuclear batteries will be much better than that of lithium batteries and other batteries. This is an epoch-making breakthrough in battery technology.

However, nuclear fusion battery is not the end of battery technology. As long as human beings can make continuous breakthroughs in energy, battery technology will also make continuous breakthroughs. After nuclear fusion, the next major breakthrough in battery technology is antimatter battery. Antimatter energy is much more powerful than nuclear fusion, and antimatter is lighter and easier to use. A very small antimatter battery could power a building 24 hours a day for about a month.

Once the antimatter battery appears, human beings will usher in a real revolutionary development. More importantly, it will make human civilization enter the interstellar civilization and usher in the great development of space exploration. As we all know, spaceship is indispensable to explore the universe, and the core factor for spaceship to fly faster and longer is energy.


With powerful energy, spaceships can fly faster and farther. The antimatter battery can do this. With the energy of the antimatter battery as the power, the speed of the spacecraft may reach the speed of sublight, or even the speed of light, and it will take a very long time.

For us ordinary people, an antimatter cell phone battery may keep the cell phone from charging for several years, isn’t it very powerful? There is also dark matter on top of antimatter energy. Although scientists have not really collected dark matter in the universe, no one doubts the existence of dark matter. When human beings have the ability to collect and apply dark matter in the future, they may also produce corresponding dark matter batteries, which are far more powerful than we think.

However, antimatter and dark matter batteries are still too far away for human beings, and nuclear power batteries are expected to be realized in the next 50 years. Of course, another technology in the field of battery application is expected to be realized in the near future, that is wireless charging technology. The traditional way to charge a battery is to have a data line or wire. But sometimes it’s very inconvenient. For example, when you live in a community and need to charge an electric car, you need to have a charger, a power cord and a power plug.


If you have wireless charging technology, these troubles will not happen again. At that time, the whole city was full of wireless charging network, and its use was the same as WiFi. As long as your battery needs to be charged, you just need to connect to the wireless charging network, and you can realize wireless charging at any place and at any time. Isn’t it very convenient. Although there is wireless charging technology now, it is still a long way from the wireless charging technology envisaged by Xiaobian. However, this technology scientist has made some achievements, and I believe it will be realized in the near future. We are looking forward to this day.

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