What are the “mysterious caves” in the Arctic? What is the impact on human beings?

In recent years, scientists pay more and more attention to the Arctic, especially in 2020, the Arctic has become a hot word. In many people’s cognition, the Arctic is an isolated world of ice and snow, but in recent years, the Arctic environment is also facing severe challenges, it seems that there have been many problems. The Arctic temperature continues to rise, but there are still many huge holes on the surface of the Arctic. What’s the matter?


Caves in the Arctic


Scientists once found a huge cave on the plain of Siberia. The diameter of the cave is 20 meters and the depth is 52 meters. In fact, the discovery is quite unexpected. When a pilot flew here, he found a huge cave on the surface. The pilot thought that there might be a secret behind the cave, so he reported the phenomenon to the upper authorities. After scientists came here to explore, they found that the cave had been formed around 2013. This is not the only cave in the Siberian plain. Scientists have also found more than a dozen giant caves nearby. How did these caves form?


How did the cave form?


Many people think that these caves may have a lot to do with the rise of global temperature. In the global warming situation, the Arctic is not spared. With the accelerated melting of glaciers, a large number of soil thaws, and perhaps because of the soil melting, so many caves have been formed. However, scientists have put forward different views. They think that the formation of these caves is probably related to the explosion. Only the explosion can form huge pressure, and a large amount of pressure breaks through the surface, thus forming huge caves.


Although there seems to be a scientific basis for this statement, many people will think of gas emission craters after seeing these caves. When the water under the Arctic ice expands rapidly, it will explode when it comes together, so the explosion scientists say is not a chemical, but a gas. So what is hidden in these caves? When scientists explored the caves themselves, they found that there were no unknown creatures in them. To be sure, the formation of these caves is closely related to climate change.


Although many countries have formulated relevant policies to control global warming, global warming is not formed overnight. Even though human beings have made a lot of efforts, it does not seem to achieve ideal results. According to the latest data of scientists, the temperature in 2020 is likely to reach a new high, and the melting of glaciers can not be stopped. In this way, the topography and environment of the Arctic will certainly be affected.


In addition to these huge caves, the unknown organisms and viruses buried in the Arctic frozen soil are also a major threat to human survival. If one day all the Arctic glaciers melt, then a large number of viruses and greenhouse gases are released, how long can we survive? Therefore, some people think that maybe these caves are a warning to mankind. If we don’t protect the environment any more, what is waiting for mankind may really be bottomless caves.

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