What are the three unsolved mysteries in the world that continue to arouse heated debate in academia and the public?

It is said that there are three unsolved mysteries in the world, one is the mystery of the human body, the other is the mystery of the earth’s core, and the third is the mystery of the universe. Objectively speaking, this is only a saying in a certain field – after all, there are more than three unsolved mysteries of human beings, but their essence can be summarized as the mystery of the origin, the mystery of the earth’s structure, and the mystery of the evolution of the universe.

The mystery of origin

The mystery of the origin can be divided into the secret of the origin of the universe and the secret of the origin of human beings.

① As for the origin of the universe, if you look at the current scientific encyclopedia, together with Einstein’s theory of relativity, cosmology has been developed unprecedentedly, the standard model of the universe has been proposed, and the birth of the universe all originated from the big bang 13.8 billion years ago.

Now there are three strong evidences. The first is the cosmic microwave background radiation, which is the aftertemperature of the big bang, and now it has been accurately detected by scientists, so it’s the definitive evidence. The second is the abundance of helium, which is an argument about how particles formed in the early days of the big bang. Now it’s also confirmed. The third is the expansion of the universe, which is the reason When the astronomer Hubble was observing the Milky way and the planets in it, he found that all these things were far away from us, and the farther the distance was, the faster the distance was, proving that the universe was expanding.

② The mystery of human origin


These three evidences prove that the universe began with the big bang, but the evidence of the origin of life has not been found.

But at present, the most acceptable theory should be the undersea hot spring mouth, which happened about 400 million years ago. The hydrogen ion of the undersea hot spring mouth moved directionally to provide energy for itself. According to the RNA world hypothesis theory, early life relied on RNA as genetic material. However, the mainstream of scientific circles is still Darwin’s theory of evolution about life and how human beings evolved In combination with all the current DNA methods, scientists have further restored the history of biological evolution.

As for the origin of human beings, most of them now rely on fossils as evidence and the blessing of molecular biology. Human beings aim to conduct more long-term research. At present, the most accurate theory known is that human beings belong to primates, which appeared 67 million years ago and escaped the fifth mass extinction.

The mystery of the vastness of the universe

Why is the universe so huge? According to the theory observed by Hubble, the universe expanded to 10 × 30 times of itself in a short time. Before 400 million years ago, dark energy dominated the universe. At the same time, due to the opposite force, it accelerated the expansion of the universe. How big is the universe now?

According to the mainstream view, the universe is infinitely large, and it has been growing up, while a part of the universe that humans can observe today is tiny.

The mystery of the earth’s structure


People know much more about the sun than the interior of the earth. After all, there are many ways to observe the sun, such as the corona, light waves and so on. But people can’t be sure about the internal structure of the earth.

I wrote an article before. In the last century, the United States only dug more than 8000 meters and gave up. In the Soviet Union, it dug 13000 meters. This hole is called Kela ultrasonic drilling in the academic circle. But now the deepest hole is only tens of meters more than Kela drilling, but even if it is so deep, compared with the radius of the earth, it is only 1 / 500.

It’s more than 6000 kilometers away from the center of the earth, so it’s impossible to dig. But in geology, scientists use seismic waves to infer the structure of the earth’s surface by their changes when they encounter different materials.

Now the geological structure in high school geography textbooks is actually derived from the use of seismic wave monitoring by scientists.


There are many unsolved mysteries in human life and exploration, but human beings do know a lot. If we can solve more unsolved mysteries, people on earth may find that they know less about nature and the universe, so the improvement of science and technology is urgent.


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