What can Chinese heavenly eye find in the universe? These findings prove that the Chinese eye is very powerful

The greatest contribution of human beings in exploring the universe is astronomical telescope. The universe is vast, and the distance is calculated in light years. With the current human science and technology, it is impossible to detect the universe by detector or spaceship. At this time, astronomical telescope appeared, which can let human see the distant celestial bodies and galaxies in the deep space, so that human beings can understand the universe step by step without reaching I know.

With the advent of astronomical telescopes, people have more and more knowledge of the universe, which is of great significance to accelerate the pace of human civilization. There are also different kinds of telescopes. Some are launched into space, like the Hubble Space Telescope, while others are like a pot on the ground, such as China’s heavenly eye.

China’s space exploration started late, but its development is very fast. China’s sky eye, which was put into use in 2015, has greatly improved China’s position in the field of astronomical exploration. China’s sky eye is the world’s largest radio telescope with a diameter of 500 meters, and its technology is in the leading position in the world.


China’s heavenly eye was once questioned by the outside world. It was thought that it was just a big pot with empty appearance and was not very useful. However, a series of achievements made by China’s heavenly eye later made the outside world shut up. Since it was put into use in 2015, a lot of pulsars and neutron stars have been discovered in just three years. Especially in the exploration of pulsars, China’s sky eye has thrown away several other telescopes.

Many netizens have doubts that the Hubble telescope has found many earth like planets and other celestial bodies. Why can’t China’s celestial eye find these? First of all, we need to be clear that the Chinese sky eye is a radio telescope. In fact, the so-called radio telescope is similar to the satellite receiver used to watch TV on the ground. Its working principle is to receive radio waves from cosmic objects, such as solar like star radiation, neutron star radiation, pulsar radiation, black hole radiation, supernova explosion and other radiation bands. Therefore, only the source of radio waves can be detected by radio telescopes.

From this, we can understand that the Chinese eye can only detect objects that can emit radio waves in the universe, such as distant stars, pulsars or black holes, which can be detected by the Chinese eye, but some objects that can not emit radio waves can not be detected by the Chinese eye, and there are not many objects that can emit radio waves in the universe, most of which cannot emit radio waves.

Therefore, the Chinese sky eye may detect a pulsar hundreds of light-years away, but it can’t detect asteroids close to the earth, which is not within its detection range. For this reason, like some earth like planets in the universe, the Chinese sky eye can’t detect them. Does that mean that the Chinese sky eye is not very useful? Of course not. It’s just that the Chinese eye is far more powerful than we can imagine.


So which is better, the Hubble telescope or the Chinese sky eye? In fact, there is no comparability between the two telescopes. The observation ability of the two telescopes is different. The Chinese sky eye has a very strong ability to detect celestial bodies that can emit radio waves, and it has a wide detection range and a long distance, which is unmatched by other astronomical telescopes. The Hubble telescope has a wide observation range, and any kind of celestial body can be detected, but it is more inclined to detect celestial bodies such as earth like planets, but for celestial bodies such as pulsars, the Hubble telescope is far inferior to the Chinese eye.

The Chinese sky eye is very sensitive to radio waves, so it is more suitable for the future space exploration of human beings. Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have been looking for aliens. If the alien civilization has sent radio waves to the universe, it will be very likely to be detected by the Chinese sky eye detector. The Chinese sky eye’s ability to collect radio waves in the universe has lived up to people’s expectations since it was used It has received a lot of radio waves in the universe. Some of them are considered by scientists to be signals of alien civilization. Now these signals are still being cracked. Once they can be cracked successfully in the future, maybe the existence of aliens is no longer a secret.

China’s Tianyan has been greatly updated this year, and its performance has been greatly improved again. I believe it will bring more surprises to people in the future, drive China’s aerospace industry, and make more contributions to human exploration of the universe. Maybe one day, the first hero of the discovery of aliens will be China’s Tianyan, my friends, what do you think?


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