What can prove the existence of human beings after they disappear from the earth? These three substances may be used!

What can prove the existence of human beings after they disappear from the earth? These three substances may be used!


Human beings are relatively weak compared with those giants. No matter the body shape or the running speed, it’s not as good as it is. Not only to guard against the invasion of alien species, human life will gradually disappear over time. As you get older, your physical characteristics change. No matter disease, war or natural disaster, it can easily erase human from the earth. Although human beings are fortunate enough to be the masters of the earth, it is difficult to be in a crisis.


The only advantage is the unique brain. The brain can generate consciousness, think about problems, and make use of wisdom to create high technology. Fortunately, the earth has changed greatly with the transformation of human beings. All walks of life have developed by leaps and bounds. High rise buildings are everywhere, and everyone can enjoy different food. Many people have a big question in their heart, just in case One day, human beings will disappear on the earth. What can prove that human beings once existed? Experts have made an in-depth analysis of this problem and found that there are three substances that can not be easily erased, or can prove that human beings have been here. What can prove the existence of human beings after they disappear from the earth? These three substances may be used!


Three substances that can prove the existence of human beings


The first is fossils. Human beings can restore the prototype of paleontology through fossils, so as to determine the age of its existence. The most common fossils are bones and shells, which provide strong evidence for the existence of life. Fossils can’t disappear no matter in the sun or in the wind. They are deeply buried under the ground. If human beings disappear, human remains will be buried in the soil for a long time. These fossils will gradually show up due to the changes of environmental geology, which can fully prove the existence of human beings.


The second is amber. The formation of amber needs specific conditions. Some experts once found amber from 99 million years ago, which is preliminarily determined to be the ancestor of snakes. This is also the first time that humans have found snakes in amber. After the disappearance of human beings, if amber is formed, we can judge whether human beings have ever left traces on the earth according to amber. The role of amber is still great, which can be regarded as strong evidence.


The last material is sedimentary rock. The earth is in motion all the time. The irregular geological activities, such as volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami and so on, are the proof of the earth’s activities. Assuming that human beings disappear from the earth, then the living utensils and buildings built by human beings will be squeezed under the ground. With the collapse, the debris pile will be formed, and the rocks of different shapes will be formed, which will be handed down from generation to generation Go down.


These are impossible to disappear, so we don’t need to worry that human beings will not leave any traces after they disappear. Some traces can’t be easily erased. Even after 100 million years, the signs of human survival on the earth are unlikely to disappear, because human beings have had brilliant moments on the earth and created many advanced products, which are very powerful proof that human beings have high value on the earth. In your opinion, besides these three substances, what other substances can prove the existence of human beings? You can leave a message for interaction.

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