What can we see when the microscope is magnified 4 billion times? It will be a wonderful world

After entering the era of science and technology, human beings only know the macro world at first, but gradually recognize the existence of the micro world. The world we see and touch is the macro world and things we all know. In fact, behind the macro world, there is a micro world that we can’t see or touch.

As far as the cognition of the micro world is concerned, some wise men have discovered it as early as ancient times. For example, there is a saying in the Sutra: “one flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi”. It is literally simple to understand that there is a world in every flower, and there is a world in every leaf. Of course, this sentence is not understood in the Buddhist language. It refers to the change of one’s mentality. If there is nothing in one’s mind, one’s mind is pure. You can spend a world. Through these, a flower and a grass is the whole world, and the whole world is as empty as a flower and grass, and people’s mind can absorb hundreds of rivers and accommodate people.


In the eyes of the ancients, a flower, a leaf has a world, it is obvious that people think that is nonsense. How can there be a world in a little flower? However, this kind of cognition has become a truth after human beings entered the era of science and technology. When human beings invented the microscope and magnified a small thing many times, we did initially see the world in flowers and leaves.

Once a scientist magnified a small grain of sand hundreds of times and found that the inner world of the insignificant sand was so dazzling. Each grain of sand has its own style. The inner world of sand in different places is also very different.

Through the continuous observation of the microscope, we found that there is a wonderful world in many of the original unimportant substance. And when we continue to magnify the microscope, we will see a great change in the micro world. With the continuous improvement of our understanding of the universe, some scientists believe that the universe is actually around us, and every atom is a universe after amplification.


How can the interior of a tiny atom compare with that of a vast universe? Although this may sound absurd, there are traces to follow. We all know that the stars and galaxies in the universe are constantly rotating. The moon revolves around the earth, the earth revolves around the sun, and the solar system revolves around the center of the galaxy. The Milky way is also not static, it is also rotating around the larger structure of the universe.

The basic condition for a star to rotate is gravity. The object with large gravity will attract the object with small gravity to rotate around it. Inside the atom, neutrons and protons are also rotating around the nucleus. This basic law is very similar to the operation of stars in the universe.


Maybe in our eyes, the world of atoms is very small. We think that the macro world is different from the micro world. But in the view of scientists, the end of the macro world is the micro world, and the end of the micro world is also the macro world. It may be difficult for many people to understand this. Let’s take the vast universe as an example. The earth is the home of human beings, and it is just a tiny planet relative to the solar system.

The diameter of the solar system is about 2 light-years, but it is also very small when facing the Milky way with a diameter of 100000 light-years. Outside the Milky way, there is a larger supercluster Virgo, hundreds of millions of light-years in diameter, and the Milky way is just a grain of dust in front of it. The Virgo supercluster has a much larger cosmic scale above it. The observable range of the universe is 93 billion light-years.

If we reduce the observable universe to the size of the solar system, what is the earth in it? Maybe it’s just like a small proton or an electron. The earth in front of the whole universe, it is small as an electron or proton. So the macro end of our universe is the micro end.


We can see the universe as a world in which an atom is magnified countless times, and all galaxies and stars are smaller particles in the atom, which rotate around the center of the universe.

Of course, this is a result of our shrinking the universe to the size of the solar system. But in the real world, if we want to study and explore the mysteries of the micro world, we need to magnify the microscope many times. Someone asked this question: if we magnify the microscope to 4 billion times, what will we see?


4 billion times is definitely a very large multiple, and the most powerful scanning tunneling electron microscope can only magnify objects to 1 billion times. At this time, we can see the surface of atoms more clearly, and if we zoom in 4 billion times, we can see the real internal world of atoms.

At this time, you will see a wonderful world, you will see electrons, they revolve around the nucleus at high speed like the earth around the sun. Here you can see how the internal laws of the atom are similar to the laws of the universe. The larger the magnification of the microscope, the clearer the internal world of the particles and the more obvious the rules.

A 4-billion-fold magnification may also allow us to see smaller quark particles. Of course, it is not the goal of scientists to see these particles. More importantly, scientists hope to discover the secrets of the universe through the motion laws of particles, so as to upgrade human civilization to advanced civilization.


Of course, 4 billion times is not enough for us to fully see the micro world, it can only let us see a small part of the mystery of the micro world. In order to really explore and understand the mysteries of the micro world, it may need a greater multiple, such as 400 billion times or even 400 billion times. However, it will take a longer time for human beings to reach such a high level.

In any case, with the help of microscope, we have initially known the existence of the micro world and its connection with the macro world. It can be said that in the future, if we want to solve the ultimate mystery of the universe, maybe we also need to focus on the exploration of the micro world. It is difficult for human science and technology to enter the micro world, but in the future, with more powerful technology and equipment, it may not be a dream to enter the micro world.


By exploring the micro world and changing some rules of the micro world through science and technology, we can have a clearer understanding of various material rules. If the end of the micro is the macro, then when we really understand the micro world, we may really discover all the mysteries of the macro universe. At that time, even if human beings did not have the ability to travel all over the universe, we had become a high-level civilization and had a clear understanding of the various rules of the universe.

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