What can you see when a leaf is magnified 100 million times? It was a magical microcosm

After entering the era of science and technology, human beings began to explore and study the mysteries behind the world. On the road of scientific research, we gradually find that the world is not as simple as we think. Behind the visible macro world of human beings, there is a mysterious micro world.

In the world of our daily life, what we can see with the naked eye is very limited, and what we can see with the naked eye is called macro. Before the invention of the microscope, we didn’t know that there was a micro behind the macro, until after the appearance of the microscope, things in this world were magnified many times, and a magical micro world appeared in front of us.


Using the microscope, scientists found that there are a large number of tiny substances and life around our daily life that can not be seen by the naked eye. Life is the leading role of the earth, and human beings are the dominators of this life world. Standing at the top of the food chain, they are advanced intelligent life.

From the macro point of view, human is a visible life body, but under the microscope, human is also composed of micro life. There are a lot of microbes in the human body, and smaller cells make up all kinds of human bodies. Behind the structure, there are smaller DNA genes and other substances.

The micro world of animals is wonderful and magical. What about the micro world of plants? Friends all know that there is a difference between plants and animals in the life world of the earth. Plants, in the eyes of many people, are relatively low-level life, not as colorful as animals.


It seems that the life of plants is relatively low and simple, but if we enlarge a leaf 100 million times, you will also see a magical micro world. Of course, to really see the deeper microscopic mystery of leaves, we need a powerful electron microscope. Only this kind of microscope can enable us to observe tiny matter below one millionth of a millimeter.

Leaves are the vegetative organs of higher plants. The leaves of plants, like organisms, are also made up of a large number of cells. Different cells have different responsibilities. We can see the veins of cells on the leaves with the naked eye. The outermost epidermis cells are transparent and tough, mainly playing a protective role, while the inner mesophyll contains a large number of chloroplasts, responsible for photosynthesis, but we can only observe this step with the naked eye, smaller things can not be observed with the naked eye.


When we pick up a little leaf, it doesn’t have much magic, but after we put it under the lens of the microscope, a magical new world opens to us. Leaves are usually relatively small, only a few hundred meters or so. Now we will enlarge a 1 cm leaf by 10 million times.

At this time, the unit of length is 0.1 nm. You should know that nano is a very tiny material, and after reducing the scale from 1 cm to 0.1 nm. We can see the first micro world of the leaf. In this case, the diameter of an atom is only about 1 nm, and 0.1 nm can enter the inside of the atom.

The atom is the smallest unit in the field of chemistry, but it can continue to invade in physics. There is a smaller world under the atom. At this time, if we continue to enlarge the leaf, the world inside the leaf atoms will shrink again.


At this time, we will see a magical microcosm. I believe many friends know that the vast universe beyond the earth is very mysterious. No matter how vast and mysterious the universe is, there is a basic law that runs through the whole universe.

This law is motion. Under the action of gravity, planets will move around the central star, and stars with the entire stellar system will move around the central black hole of the large galaxy. And galaxies like the Milky way are also not stationary, and they are moving periodically around the larger structure of the universe.


Although we can’t observe the scope of the whole universe now, scientists can guess that the whole universe is in motion. There may be an unimaginable mass in the center of the universe, and the gravity generated by it makes the whole universe move around the center of the universe. If the future multi cosmology is confirmed, standing outside the universe, maybe we can see that our universe is also moving around a center outside the universe.

The world of the universe is a moving space. Every species, every celestial body and galaxy must move around a certain center. In the internal world of atoms, they are also in motion. The most central part is the nucleus, around which electrons are moving.

The structure of atoms is very similar to that of our star system. Electrons and other particles are constantly moving around the nucleus in the center. Whether this movement is regular or not is still unclear. However, from the perspective of the universe, we know that motion is regular rather than disorderly, otherwise the whole universe would have collapsed long ago.


Macro matter is composed of micro, and as an important atom in the micro world, its internal electrons around the nucleus movement rate is also very regular, it is unlikely to be chaotic. However, due to the limited scientific and technological strength of human beings, we can not really go into the micro world to explore the mystery.

The structure of the atom easily reminds us of the macro universe outside the earth. There are many similarities in the motion of the two. Therefore, some scientists say that the interior of the atom is a “micro universe”. The nucleus is like a star, and the electron is the planet in the star system, moving around the star.


Macro and micro have such similar laws of motion, once again let us have unlimited interest in the world, the magic of the universe. In fact, in physics, quantum mechanics has become a very important subject for human to explore and study the mysteries of the world in the future. If we only explore from the macro world, we may never really understand the universe.

Only when we enter the quantum world can we get to know some of the truth behind the world. In quantum mechanics, many phenomena are contrary to the macro, and many physical laws of the macro world are not applicable in the micro world. This makes it more difficult for us to study quantum mechanics, which also makes scientists really find the direction of scientific research.

Perhaps those inconceivable phenomena and laws in the micro world are the real ultimate mystery of the universe. As long as we can master all the micro mysteries in quantum mechanics, maybe human beings are not far away from becoming the overlord of the universe.


From a leaf magnified 100 million times, we can see the magical micro world and some mysteries behind the universe. If the universe is conscious, he may also feel that human beings are really amazing. Only a few hundred years after entering the era of science and technology, he has found the right direction to study matter and the universe.

Of course, we still can’t see the whole micro world at a magnification of 100 million times. The micro world is like a multi-layer pagoda world, and each layer is a world. One layer covers the other, and the higher layer influences the lower layer. And if we want to really master the micro world, we need to get to the top of the tower. To achieve this goal, we need to continue to work hard on the microscope and other observation equipment, and develop powerful observation equipment with magnification of 100 million times, 1 billion times or even higher.

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