What can’t we do in a thunderstorm? After reading these, you must remember

Every year in summer, there will be more thunderstorms. The weather of wind, rain and lightning often occurs, and there will be more accidents caused by lightning. Every summer, there will be disasters caused by lightning. Many people say that I’m not afraid of thunder. I hide at home, play with my mobile phone, play with my computer, watch TV, and lightning can’t hurt me. If you think so, it’s a big mistake. Today I’ll talk about lightning.

First of all, let’s understand the causes of lightning. Due to the high temperature in summer, the water on the ground is heated into steam and rises with the heated air on the ground. When it meets with the cold air in the air, the rising steam condenses into small water droplets and forms cumulus. The water droplets in the cloud are attacked by the strong airflow and split into some small water droplets and large water droplets. The larger water droplets are positively charged and the small water droplets are negatively charged. Small water droplets gather with the wind to form a negatively charged thunderstorm; larger positively charged water droplets often fall to the ground to form rain or suspend in the air. Due to electrostatic induction, the thunderstorm with negative charge induces positive charge on the surface of the earth. In this way, a large capacitor is formed between the thunder cloud and the earth. When the electric field strength is very large, exceeding the breakdown strength of the atmosphere, the discharge between the thunder cloud and the earth occurs, which is what we usually call lightning stroke.

Lightning is actually a kind of discharge phenomenon, but the power of lightning is huge. If a person is struck by lightning, he will be seriously injured, or he will die, like coke. Xiaobian has seen a person who was struck by lightning. Before, we had a sheep herder here. The sky was sheltered from rain in the forest. Unexpectedly, lightning came in from the top of his head, broke through his abdomen, and died on the spot. Later, the doctor examined him and found that he could not see anything from his appearance. In fact, all the internal organs of his body were burnt. Therefore, the body of a person who was killed by lightning usually would not bleed.


In ancient times, people were superstitious about lightning strike. They thought that the person who was struck by lightning is a bad person. This is God punishing him. In modern times, when people know the cause of lightning strike, they naturally don’t believe these superstitions. When lightning discharges, it’s who strikes first and who strikes the empty object first. Therefore, in order to avoid being struck by lightning strike, people now put a long shelter on the top of buildings Thunder needle.

But in some rural houses, many are not installed lightning rod, so once the lightning weather, it is necessary to do some preventive measures, then the thunder weather, we should pay attention to what in the house? Some people may think that it’s OK to sit at home in thunder days. In fact, it’s not so. Now people have home appliances, and these appliances may be used by lightning, thus indirectly harming human beings.

In thunder weather, the TV and computer can’t be turned on. It’s necessary to unplug all the plugs. Other household appliances also need to unplug all the plugs. This is because if the lightning happens to arrive above and around your house, the strong change of the magnetic field generated by the lightning discharge will make the metal wires and other conductive materials in your house produce induced current. If your household appliances don’t unplug the plugs, it’s impossible Some lightning generated strong current will instantly burn your home appliances, once the power is too large, it may make the home appliances on fire, causing a fire.

Xiaobian experienced an electric shock incident when he was a child. At that time, there was lightning and thunder, and the sky was illuminated. There was a large area of thunder and lightning over the community where we lived. The household appliances of the whole community suffered. Almost 80% of the residents’ household appliances were burnt out, and even some household appliances were burnt out. Fortunately, the fire did not happen in a timely manner.


Some people may think that if the lightning rod is installed, can we avoid the risk of home appliances being struck by lightning? In fact, it’s not. Household appliances are powered by the external network. Although the external network can avoid direct lightning strike, it can’t prevent the induced current caused by lightning from damaging the electrical appliances. Therefore, even if the house is installed with lightning rod, it’s better to unplug the electrical appliances in thunder days.

Modern people like to play with mobile phones, which are also electronic products. Is it possible to be struck by lightning when making a phone call in lightning weather? Here’s to explain that a mobile phone will not be struck by lightning in lightning weather. The reason is that the frequency of electromagnetic wave generated by the mobile phone is usually about 1000 MHz, while the frequency of electromagnetic radiation generated by lightning will not exceed 10 MHz. The electromagnetic waves of the two will not interfere with each other and produce resonance, so as to cause lightning. Therefore, in thunder and lightning weather, there is no problem in playing with mobile phones and making phone calls. You don’t have to be afraid to be struck by lightning.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the weather of wind, rain and lightning will also increase. We all know the power of lightning. Therefore, when it comes to thunder weather, you’d better not go out and hide in the house, and unplug the power plug of household appliances, let alone watch TV or play computer games. It’s OK to play with mobile phones.


The energy of lightning is terrible, but such a powerful energy can not be applied by human beings at present. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, human beings may be able to develop devices that can collect lightning energy in the future. Once human beings can collect lightning energy for application, it will play a huge role in human development. It can not only save energy and reduce emissions, but also make people happy There is inexhaustible energy. The power of nature is great.

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