What conditions do humans need to have to fly out of the solar system? You don’t think of the answer

In ancient times, people had a dream of flying to the sky, and this dream came true soon after mankind entered the era of science and technology. Moreover, with the help of science and technology, human beings have not only realized the dream of flying to the sky, but also walked out of the earth and completely got rid of the shackles of the earth.

When humans walk out of the earth, they see a broader solar system, and the earth is just a grain of sand in front of the solar system, which is very small. At this time, mankind has a new dream, that is to fly out of the solar system. It is much more difficult to fly out of the solar system than out of the earth. In the past, scientists limited the scope of the solar system to Pluto, that is, the Kuiper belt.

In the past, when people talked about the edge of the solar system, they basically referred to the edge that the solar wind could reach, that is, the region in the Kuiper belt. If the solar system is calculated according to this range, it is not too difficult for human beings to fly out of the solar system. At present, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have achieved this goal. They have crossed the Kuiper belt and entered interstellar space.


But later, with the improvement of observation technology, scientists found that the range of the solar system should include the Oort nebula. If the Oort cloud is included, the range of the solar system is much larger. At present, people’s understanding of the scope of the solar system basically includes the Oort cloud. Under the new scope standard, the area surrounded by the Kuiper belt is only the inner galaxy of the solar system, while the area outside the Kuiper belt to the Oort cloud is the outer galaxy.

The range of the inner galaxy is smaller than that of the outer star, and the thickness of the optical Oort cloud may reach one light year. So the diameter of the solar system is no less than 2 light-years. Although Voyager 1 has passed through the inner galaxy, it is still far from going out of the solar system. It will take about 5000 years for Voyager 1 to get close to the inner edge of the Oort cloud, and then spend tens of thousands of years to cross the Oort cloud.

Seeing this, many people may feel desperate for human beings to walk out of the solar system. We should know that the diameter of 2 light-years is an insurmountable gap for human beings. Human exploration out of the solar system, is not expected to let the detector go out, more important is to carry people out of the solar system. However, to achieve this goal, we need to face a lot of difficulties. Some people may say that no matter how large the solar system is, it can only be two light years. As long as we give the spacecraft enough time, we can go out.

But in fact, with less than a hundred years of human life, we can’t spend hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of years to cross the solar system. It is expected that it will take human beings at most several decades to really walk out of the solar system, so that human beings can initially explore outside the solar system. Of course, science and technology are constantly developing. As long as we work hard to develop science and technology, we will be able to realize this wish one day. What conditions do we need to have if we want to get out of the solar system?


Unmanned detector and manned spacecraft out of the solar system, is absolutely two completely different technical standards, for unmanned detector, only need a super fast speed to be able to go out of the solar system. But for manned spacecraft, there are many things to consider. First of all, we need to get out of the solar system. Speed is the most important thing. Without the advantage of speed, everything else is just a bubble.

Human beings can explore the world by speed. With fast transportation, we can reach every corner of the earth in a very short time. At this time, the earth has become a global village, and distance is no longer a problem. In the same way, in the universe, speed is still the king. As long as the speed is fast enough, it is possible to go out of the solar system, even out of the Milky way and across the universe.

Of course, in the face of the vast universe, light year is the basic distance unit, and the corresponding basic speed is also the speed of light. At the cosmic scale, the speed of light is only tortoise speed. At this speed, we can’t travel all over the galaxy, let alone the universe. However, in the face of a small solar system, the speed of light is very, very fast. As long as we achieve the speed of light, it is very easy to fly out of the solar system.


However, it is not easy to achieve the speed of light flight. Under the existing human physical system, Einstein’s theory of relativity has told us that the speed of an object with a static mass can only be infinite and cannot be reached. The speed of light is too far away for us. To realize the dream of walking out of the solar system, we don’t need the speed of light. What kind of speed does it need? In fact, as long as the sub light speed is achieved.

As long as human beings achieve sub light speed, the time needed to fly out of the solar system will be shortened to within a few decades, which is enough for human beings. So when the speed of the spaceship reaches sub light speed, can it carry people out of the solar system? Of course not. With the speed of light, human beings can’t get out of the solar system, because human beings are a very fragile life.

There are many risks in the universe that can seriously threaten the survival of human beings, such as cosmic radiation, vacuum environment and so on. Now our astronauts go to space to carry out missions. They can only stay in space for a short period of time, and they need to return to earth for a long period of time. The reason for this is that cosmic radiation and low gravity environment will cause great harm to human body.

If you stay in space for a long time, you will not only lose your health and endanger your life, but also change your genes, which will cause irreversible risk of uncertainty. To get out of the solar system, it is necessary to stay in space for a very long time, from decades to a lifetime.


If we can’t solve the problems of cosmic radiation and low gravity environment, we can’t get out of the solar system even if we realize sub light speed. At most, we can only get out of the detector. The solution to cosmic radiation and low gravity environment can only rely on the power of science and technology. Artificial gravity is necessary for interstellar navigation. Only when artificial gravity is realized, can the gravity in the spacecraft be the same as that of the earth, and the astronauts can avoid the damage caused by low gravity.

For space radiation, we need to rely on spacecraft materials. As long as we can develop a kind of material that can effectively absorb all kinds of radiation from the universe, we don’t need to worry about space radiation when we stay in the spacecraft. Theoretically speaking, as long as the above three problems are solved: speed, radiation and low gravity, then human beings can preliminarily realize interstellar navigation and go out of the solar system to explore the outer space.

Of course, there is another way to solve the problem of cosmic radiation and low gravity, that is to let human beings evolve into higher life. We all know that the core of life is evolution. Human beings can adapt to the current environment of the earth through long evolution. If we can evolve a strong constitution to adapt to the space environment, we can ignore the radiation and low gravity environment of the universe.


It takes a long time to achieve such a constitution by relying on natural evolution. Only by relying on powerful genetic technology, can we make human beings become the legendary Superman through genetic transformation. At that time, human beings can adapt to the environment of the universe. In fact, this is the basis for human beings to carry out StarCraft in the future. Only when human beings have strong biological quality, can we survive in different planetary environments, realize interstellar migration, and spread human steps all over the galaxy and the universe.

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