What dangers will space flight bring to human body? The situation may be more serious than expected

Since mankind entered the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago, human civilization has also ushered in a period of rapid development. With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s quality of life is getting higher and higher, and human beings have realized the dream of flying to the sky, going out of the earth to explore the universe.

With the accelerated pace of human space exploration, the demand for astronauts is also growing, but the selection of astronauts is very strict, not everyone can be an astronaut, need to have strong physical quality and excellent psychological quality.

After the birth of the new occupation of astronauts, the impact of space environment on the health of astronauts has become a major research topic. We all know that human beings live under the gravity and ecological environment of the earth. All the development and changes of human body are to adapt to the ecological environment of the earth.


Human beings have adapted to the environment of the earth, so there is no problem to survive on it, but once they enter space, they will enter a completely different environment from the earth. Space is an environment without gravity. Due to the backwardness of human aircraft, it is impossible to simulate the gravity of the earth. Therefore, astronauts are weightless even in the space station or spacecraft.

It can be said that as long as astronauts enter space to carry out missions, no matter inside or outside the spaceship, they are in weightless flight. So what dangers will space flight bring to the human body? The situation may be more serious than expected.

Through research, scientists have found that the space environment will lead to the loss of bone and muscle mass of astronauts, the change of eye size and function, and there are various kinds of radiation in the universe, which will also bring unknown changes to human genes. In the zero gravity space environment, there are still many health problems for astronauts. At present, scientists are actively exploring the impact of space environment on the brain.

We all know that the most important organ of the human body is the brain. The most important reason why human beings are different from other animals and become intelligent life is to rely on the intelligent brain. However, the structure of the brain is so complex that scientists know very little about it at present, and space flight may have unknown effects and risks on the brain.


There are gray matter and white matter in human brain. Gray matter is mainly composed of neurons and plays an important role in muscle control and sensory perception. White matter is mainly composed of nerve fibers covered by fat, which is responsible for transmitting information between different brain regions and nervous system.

Gray matter development peaked in the 20s, while white matter continued to develop until middle age. The age of astronauts is generally not too old. They are all in their youth. At this time, the white matter of the brain is still developing. Scientists worry that the space environment may significantly inhibit or interfere with the brain development of young astronauts.

After astronauts perform missions in space, if there is loss of bone and muscle mass, they can continue to recover in the later convalescence. However, once the brain is damaged, it is very difficult to fully recover, because human cognition of the brain is still very little.


Scientific records show that astronauts will lose their sense of direction, motion control, balance, functional flexibility and cognitive ability after returning to earth. We already know that during space flight, the brain moves over the skull and the volume of gray matter in the somatosensory cortex, which processes sensory information, increases or decreases. But scientists have not been clear about the link between various brain changes. What’s more, we don’t know how space flight affects white matter.

The results of dMRI scanning of several astronauts before and after the mission in space show that: space flight will reduce the fluid around the top of the brain, and greatly reduce the fluid around the bottom of the brain, indicating that as the brain moves above the skull, the distribution of fluid in the brain will also change. We also found that the white matter around the pathway of processing visual and spatial information, sense of balance, vertical perception and motion control changed.

Scientists don’t know whether the effect of space environment on the brain is good or bad, whether it is the human body’s self adjustment to adapt to the microgravity environment or the brain’s self injury because it can’t adapt to the space environment? To understand this, scientists may also need to collect data on more astronauts’ body and brain changes before and after space missions, find out the severity of the changes, and make some measures for them.

With the continuous acceleration of human space exploration in the future, there will be more and more astronauts, and the impact of space environment on the health of astronauts must also be an important research topic. If this problem cannot be effectively solved, it is difficult for human beings to really open the era of space exploration. Now there are some astronauts who will never be able to go to space again because of their health after their last space flight. This is actually the destructive power of the space environment on the human body.


The main reason why the space environment will damage the human body and brain and affect the health of astronauts is that human space technology is not developed enough, one is the space suit, the other is the spaceship. If we have a very advanced space suit, it can completely isolate the space environment, so that the astronauts will not be affected by zero gravity environment, cosmic radiation and other activities in space, and naturally do not have to worry about health problems.

Another problem is that the spaceship has no gravity environment. If the spaceship has gravity technology, it can simulate the gravity of the earth in the spaceship, and the astronauts can enjoy the gravity in the spaceship as if they were on the earth, so that there is no need to worry about the various effects of gravity on the human body. In order to simulate gravity, we must master anti gravity technology, which is too far away for human beings. We can only expect to realize it one day in the future.

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