What did American astronauts see after landing on the moon? Why do you believe in creationism?

For ordinary people, astronauts are a bright career. Many people can’t see the real universe in their lifetime. However, astronauts can escape from the earth and see the sea of stars with their own eyes. Although astronauts can see more scenery than human beings, the danger they face can not be ignored. Many astronauts in the implementation of space missions, are holding the determination of never coming back, even NASA astronauts, will also sign a life and death agreement.


Although NASA’s early landing on the moon was regarded as a fraud by many US aviation scientists, it was also regarded as an indelible story. Up to now, the United States has landed on the moon for six times in a row. Even with today’s technology level, it is very powerful. Although the astronauts received day and night training before entering the moon, when they returned to the earth, there was a strange behavior. These astronauts began to believe in gods and believed that aliens were real. Why did they say that? What do astronauts see on the moon?


Three eyed lunar man


I believe everyone has heard of the three eyed lunar man. Over the years, this incident is still the talk of conspiracy theorists. These conspiracy theorists believe that the American astronauts not only saw many buildings on the moon, but also found a crashed spaceship, and the three eyed lunar man appeared in the spaceship. However, the lunar man has no vital signs, so the astronauts took the woman away The aliens came back to the base for research. Of course, there is no final conclusion on this event. It is still unknown whether the three eyed lunar man is true or not. This incident was very noisy at that time. To a certain extent, it also showed that human beings yearned for extraterrestrial life.


“Strange behavior” of astronauts


In other words, as the first person to land on the moon, Armstrong said in an interview with the media after returning to the earth that he hoped everyone would believe that Gods exist. Armstrong claimed that the world where human beings live is actually created by gods. He thought that it was God’s arrangement that he could successfully return to earth. In addition to Armstrong’s words, other astronauts who went to the moon also said the same words as Armstrong. It is reasonable to say that astronauts who have received strict training will not agree with creationism, but let these astronauts insist on this theory. Did they see aliens on the moon?


After these astronauts returned from the moon, one of them quit his job and continued to engage in the research of extraterrestrial life. Moreover, he claimed that when he was on the moon, he once heard strange sounds, which may be the alien calling for human beings.


The words of these astronauts sound too sci-fi. However, we can’t confirm the existence of extraterrestrials only by the one-sided words of the astronauts. We can’t verify what they saw on the moon in those years. Maybe only they know.

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