What did Hawking discover when he told us to leave the earth? Three major problems or obstacles to human development!

Is the future Earth no longer suitable for human habitation? Hawking’s three tips, or the best explanation!


Nowadays, the development of human civilization is mature enough, all of which are inseparable from the contribution of scientists. They devoted their whole lives to the scientific community, leaving behind many theories and inventions, such as Einstein’s theory of relativity, Newton’s gravity, Edison’s electric lamp, Wright brothers’ airplane, etc. the emergence of these theories and inventions has benefited future generations, and their contributions to the scientific community are admirable. Now, there are many great scientists, and Hawking is one of them.


Hawking’s contribution to posterity


Hocking was in a state of despair, even though he had no healthy body, and used his own brain to open up a new world of his own. His reputation in the world was mainly due to a black hole photograph. At that time, he proposed that Hocking radiation had many prophecies, and many prophecies became reality after the passage of time, which led to his belief in his prophecy. In fact, the significance of science is very simple, that is, to solve any difficult and miscellaneous problems. But when it comes to a puzzle, there needs to be enough evidence. In Hawking’s lifetime, he also said that the future Earth may no longer be suitable for human habitation. Many people feel flustered. So what did Hawking find? Is the future Earth no longer suitable for human habitation? Hawking’s three tips, or the best explanation!


Three problems found by Hawking


First of all, the first is the impact of the environment on the earth. Global warming and marine pollution have become two common topics. These are part of environmental pollution, and their impact on the earth is much more terrible than imagined. Many disasters seem to be caused by nothing, but in fact they are closely linked, and there are various chain reactions. The reason of global temperature rise leads to the melting of glaciers, the rise of sea level, the direct inundation of coastal cities, more and more carbon dioxide, plants can not carry out photosynthesis, forming a vicious circle, which human beings can not bear.


The second is artificial intelligence. In the future, the world may be dominated by artificial intelligence. Maybe we don’t believe it. We only see the advantages of artificial intelligence, but ignore its disadvantages. Artificial intelligence can only be carried out under the control of human beings. We can’t confirm whether it can continue to be controlled by human beings in the future. Once we have our own thinking and consciousness, we can’t compete with it with human abilities, and it will become a new era Master, human beings will only be eliminated.


The last is the solar cycle. In the process of research, researchers found that the solar activity is becoming more and more abnormal, and the sunspot activity is decreasing, leading to the instability of the earth’s temperature. Hundreds of years ago, this phenomenon also appeared on the earth, which caused countless casualties at that time. It is possible that the change of the solar cycle will lead to the extinction of human beings. Hawking’s conjecture about the future is very limited There are enough facts, whether it is artificial intelligence or environmental pollution, we all have deep feelings.


If this is the case in the future, human life will be more and more difficult. We all don’t want Hawking’s prediction to come true. Therefore, everyone should cherish the earth in his limited life, reduce the pollution to the earth, and guard against artificial intelligence. What do you think of Hawking’s worries? You can leave a message for interaction.

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