What did the Apollo 20 astronauts find? Relevant information will never be released

Introduction to Apollo program

The Apollo program, also known as the Apollo project, is a series of manned lunar missions organized by the United States from 1961 to 1972. It took about 11 years and cost US $25.5 billion. It includes 11 manned missions, from Apollo 7 to Apollo 17.

After reading the above introduction, you should have a general understanding of Apollo. Have you ever heard of Apollo 20? Apollo 20, this has always been a mysterious event.


People have their own opinions about whether it’s true or not. Let’s take a look at the event about Apollo astronauts admitting that they found city relics when they landed on the moon!

In April 2007, a series of videos about Apollo 20 began to appear on yutube. The user name of the uploader was “retiredafb”.

Over the past two years, retiredafb has uploaded about 44 hours of video recording the entire process from Apollo 20’s ascent to the moon.

From the beginning of the article, Xiao Bian introduced the official Apollo program. The last time the United States landed on the moon was on Apollo 17 in September 1972. Moreover, U.S. officials announced 70 years ago that they would cancel the Apollo 18, 19 and 20 lunar missions. How did Apollo 20 come from?


Apollo 20 secret moon landing

At that time, the United States was ready to land on the moon, but the military suddenly cancelled the plan. But secretly cooperated with an experienced astronaut of the former Soviet Union to make a secret moon landing. In order to confirm whether the last “object” was an alien giant flying saucer.

From the video recording the location of Apollo 20’s spacecraft on the back of the moon, we can see that the giant alien flying saucer was discovered on the moon secretly. It was several hundred million years old, 4000 meters long and 500 meters high.


Apollo and Soviet satellites captured ancient cities and spacecraft on the moon. Apollo 20 made a huge harvest, capturing prehistoric cities on the moon, the remains of ancient spacecraft and the remains of three eyed female aliens in the remains.

Astronauts found the bodies of two aliens in the spacecraft, a man and a woman, and took one of them back to earth. And a city dump was found on the moon.

Shortly after the video was uploaded, Italian free journalist Luca scambanboro conducted a written interview and a large amount of information investigation on the video uploader, retiredafb, and made it public through his website.

Interview record: Ancient “alien spaceship” and “city” on the back of the moon


Here’s part of the interview with reporter Luca scanbamboro.

“Did the astronauts get inside the spaceship? How big is it? What do you find in it? “

“The astronauts went into the interior of this huge spaceship, and into the interior of a triangular spaceship. The main body of the spacecraft has been detected as follows: it is a mother ship that has passed through the universe for a long time and has been identified for nearly 1.5 billion years. There are many signs of life inside the ship. There are still traces of vegetation in the “dynamic area”. In addition, they found some triangular rocks. Their surface exudes yellow “tears” like liquid, which has special medicinal properties. There are also some creatures that depend on sunlight for survival. But the most important thing is that they found two “corpses”, one of which is complete. “


“Have astronauts ever visited the” cities “on the moon? Where is it? What does that have to do with spaceships? Are spaceships and cities still there? “

“The city is named after the earth and is now called station 1, but it seems to be a pure dump, full of waste and gold. Only one building looks complete and is called a cathedral. The astronauts photographed a sheet of metallized calligraphy exposed to the sun. This “city” looks as old as the moon, but the video only shows a small part. More man-made buildings can be seen in the lens of the lunar rover. “

“How did you get these videos?”

“One day, a data container administrator told me that there was a warehouse to be destroyed. All the information inside will be burned by the plasma torch. Because of the price problem, the nuclear power plant did not provide enough power at that time, so the process was delayed. A friend of mine was very interested, so he went to the warehouse. He bought some movies, two 16mm movies, a few boxes of black and white files, and two camera amplifiers. So I sold them, and I didn’t get in touch with him. In fact, I’ve seen some pictures of Apollo 11 and 16 and some old remote control pictures. So I kept these videos properly. “


“To be announced soon” suddenly became “never to be announced”

As early as March 21, 1996, the national information administration of the United States in Washington issued a vague briefing, in which NASA scientists and engineers involved in the exploration of Mars and the moon reported some of their research results.

Scientists said: they found some unknown objects on the moon – when talking about these unknown objects, scientists carefully use words to try to avoid talking about UFOs, aliens, etc.


Although they also mentioned that the unidentified objects on the moon may be man-made, they claimed that they were not sure and that they were still conducting in-depth research on the phenomenon and the final results would be published soon.

However, as time went on, this “will soon be announced” suddenly became “never announce”, and no further research on the moon has been done since.

But after reading this material, many people have their own opinions on whether it is true or not. Xiaobian sums up the views of some netizens here. They think that the first paragraph of the video is absolutely correct. As for the moon city mentioned in the last paragraph, it is very unreliable.

What do you think? Let’s have a chat in the comments section!

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