What did the Chinese heavenly eye find? It may be the first to discover alien civilization in the future

Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth, and the birth of human beings has also upgraded the earth, an ordinary planet of life, to a rare planet of civilization. It can be said that human beings have changed the earth. At the same time, human beings are full of all kinds of fantasy and desire to explore this mysterious world.

Although people in ancient times did not have developed scientific equipment, they did not weaken their interest in exploring the universe and the stars. The ancients studied the distribution of stars in the sky with a pair of naked eyes, and achieved some good results, which is incredible for modern people. You know, if we do not have astronomical observation equipment such as astronomical telescopes, we can only rely on the naked eye Maybe you don’t know anything about the universe.

The real greatness of human beings is that they have entered the road of scientific development, which has been nearly 200 years. Since human beings entered the road of scientific and technological development, human civilization has really ushered in a leap forward development. We have a more comprehensive understanding of the earth, and at the same time, we have stepped out of the earth and started to explore the universe.

On the way of human exploration of the universe, astronomical telescopes have provided great help. Because the universe is so vast that we can’t imagine it, we can’t use detectors or spacecraft to detect. At this time, the appearance of astronomical telescopes allows human beings to have a preliminary understanding of the universe without the ability to go near and observe.


There are two kinds of astronomical telescopes. One is to find the target object through direct observation such as optics and gravitational wave. This kind of telescope is basically launched into space orbit. The main application of human exploration to find earth like planets similar to the earth is this kind of astronomical telescope.

The other is the radio telescope that searches for radio waves in the universe. This kind of telescope is basically built on the ground. Once the most powerful radio telescope in the world was Arecibo radio telescope, with a diameter of 350 meters. The construction was completed in 1974. Arecibo has served mankind for more than 40 years and has always been the world leader in the field of radio telescopes.

However, this dominant position was replaced by China’s sky eye in 2016. The diameter of China’s sky eye has reached 500 meters, and its comprehensive performance is ten times that of Arecibo radio telescope, becoming the most powerful radio telescope in the world. So what are the major discoveries of China’s heavenly eye so far?

The Arecibo radio telescope has made great contributions to mankind in its observation time of more than 40 years. The Chinese sky eye, which is 10 times stronger than it, is more powerful than we can imagine. Although we rarely see the discovery of Chinese sky eye in the relevant scientific reports, we can not ignore its powerful.

Many countries and scientists all over the world admit that China’s heavenly eye is very powerful, and its power even causes Hawking’s concern. Up to last year, 59 high-quality pulsar candidates have been found since the launch of Chinese sky eye, and 44 of them have been identified as the first pulsars discovered by human beings. This is a miracle that has never been seen in the history of astronomy.


As for China’s heavenly eye, there are no other major discoveries. We don’t know yet. I believe that with the power of China’s heavenly eye, there must be other major discoveries, but some of them are unknown to the public and need to be studied quietly. Just like the discovery of the Mars rover curiosity in the United States, the photos that can be released are just some unimportant things, and the really valuable and mysterious photos will not be released to the public.

The reason why China’s heavenly eye has such a powerful exploration ability is that our universe is actually a world full of all kinds of wireless electromagnetic signals. With the rapid development of communication technology, the earth environment is full of all kinds of wireless electromagnetic signals.

Under normal circumstances, we can’t feel these radio signals. If you have professional equipment, you will find that there are all kinds of radio electromagnetic signals around us. They are going through our bodies. It’s a little scared to think about it. The mobile phones and computers we use all have radiation and radio wave transmission. They are full of the space of the earth.

In fact, the vast universe, like the earth, is also full of all kinds of wireless electromagnetic signals, most of which are sent out by celestial bodies. As we all know, there are all kinds of celestial bodies in the universe. Most of them can’t send out radio signals, but some special celestial bodies, such as pulsars and neutron stars, can send out strong radio signals.


In addition to these special celestial bodies, other cosmic phenomena can also send out radio electromagnetic signals, and some earth like planets with magnetic fields can also send out radio electromagnetic signals. It can be seen that there is no lack of radio electromagnetic signals in the universe. Relying on its sensitive detection ability and ultra far range, China’s sky eye can almost detect the universe that human beings can observe at present, which reaches tens of billions of light-years.

According to scientists’ reports, the sky eye can observe 15.7 billion light-years of space around the earth. As long as there is a strong wireless electromagnetic signal in this space, as long as it comes to the earth, it may be detected by the sky eye. Therefore, the powerful Chinese sky eye must have detected other mysterious cosmic signals besides pulsars.

One of these mysterious cosmic signals may come from alien civilization. The Chinese eye has a major task, is to explore the existence of alien civilization. This is the main and important task of China’s sky eye, and the exploration of pulsars is just a small test. Scientists believe that in the vast universe, there must be primitive intelligent life like human beings, and there are many alien civilizations far more powerful than human beings.

The more powerful a civilization is, the stronger its radio communication capability will be. If a civilization has entered the interstellar space, its wireless communication technology may already be interstellar communication technology. The speed of this kind of radio transmission is faster than that of light. Otherwise, it is impossible for spaceships to transmit rapidly between different galaxies. For a civilization that can explore across galaxies, without advanced radio communication technology, it is absolutely a very dangerous thing.

In our opinion, the fastest speed of radio wave is the speed of light, which is the same way that people think that the speed of objects can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. In fact, this is limited by the limited development of science. Superluminal phenomenon exists in the universe, so superluminal flight is naturally possible, and superluminal transmission of wireless electromagnetic wave is also possible.


Therefore, if China’s celestial eye receives a signal from tens of thousands of light-years away, which is suspected to be sent by an alien civilization, it can not simply think that this signal was sent by an alien civilization tens of thousands of years ago, and it took tens of thousands of years to reach the earth. This is based on our understanding of the speed of light of radio waves, but if the alien civilization has mastered the super speed of light transmission technology In fact, the situation is totally different. It is possible that this signal has only been transmitted in the universe for hundreds of years, or even decades, before it came to the earth and was received by the heavenly eye. This is also entirely possible.

The strength of China’s sky eye is beyond our imagination, and scientists also believe that the first person to discover alien civilization in the future may be China’s sky eye. Its strength also represents the strength of China’s space technology, which has begun to surpass Western space technology. The future sky eye will surely bring countless surprises to mankind. Perhaps the first information exchange between mankind and alien civilization will depend on it It’s the eye of heaven.

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