What did the United States land on the moon 50 years ago and put its flag on the moon like now?

The earth is the home for human survival. Since ancient times, human beings have always had a dream, that is to fly to the sky, go out of the earth and see what the universe is like outside. With the efforts of generations of human beings, this dream was realized 50 years ago.

With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings have realized the dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe. When humans walk out of the earth, the exploration of the universe begins, and the first goal is naturally the moon. The formation time of the moon is similar to that of the earth. As a natural satellite of the earth, the moon has been with the earth for 4.6 billion years. Therefore, since ancient times, people have a different feeling for the moon.

The moon has brought some light to the earth at night, so that people walking at night have a natural guiding light. This is very important in the ancient times when there was no technology and no electric light. The first country in human history to land on the moon is the United States. 50 years ago, it was the time of the US Soviet competition. The former Soviet Union realized the first man-made satellite into space, and the United States was unwilling to lag behind and launched the moon landing program.


The Apollo program of the United States began in 1961. After eight years of preparation, it finally realized the manned landing on the moon in 1969, and put a flag on the moon. After the victory of the US Soviet competition, the United States never carried out a manned lunar landing again, so many people later questioned the authenticity of the US lunar landing 50 years ago, believing that the United States did not land on the moon at that time, but only a fake one.

As for the authenticity of the United States, NASA experts later explained it. In the face of real evidence, there is no doubt about the authenticity of the U.S. landing on the moon that year. When people no longer doubt the authenticity of the U.S. landing on the moon, some friends have raised an interesting topic: what does the flag on the moon look like after the U.S. landing on the moon 50 years ago?

If this flag had been planted on the earth’s soil, it would have been in tatters and disappeared after more than 50 years of wind and sun. However, the environment of the moon is different from that of the earth. The moon has no atmosphere and is almost in a vacuum state. As a result, there is no wind on the surface of the moon, there is no rain, and the flag will not decay due to the influence of space.

Although there is no air on the moon, the flag will not be damaged by wind and rain, but the moon does not have the protection of the atmosphere, solar wind, cosmic radiation and so on will also invade, they will also bring some damage to the flag, but the damage is relatively small. Therefore, this flag, which was planted on the moon 50 years ago, should not change much now. It still stands on the surface of the moon.


Of course, the flag we see on the surface of the moon is fluttering in the wind, which makes many people not understand: isn’t there no wind on the moon? How did the flag fly? This is also the reason why many people later doubted the authenticity of the U.S. landing on the moon. However, this is a good explanation, and scientists have also made relevant explanations.

In fact, the flag on the surface of the moon is processed. It is different from the flag we usually use. The material is also specially made, which is more corrosion-resistant. And this flag has a metal bracket inside, which can be folded. Therefore, we can see that the appearance of it fluttering in the wind is actually supported by a metal bracket, not by the real wind.

The worst environment on the moon should be its large temperature difference. The temperature can reach 130 ℃ during the day and 110 ℃ below zero at night. This relatively large temperature difference also causes great damage to the flag. Fortunately, the material of this flag is different, and it can go through all kinds of corrosion damage for a longer time. 50 years is not enough to make this flag have much damage.


With the rapid progress of human science and technology, the plan of landing on the moon has been put on the agenda of all countries in the world again. China’s chang’e-4 has landed on the back of the moon, and the United States is expected to land on the moon again in 2028. Of course, the United States landed on the moon 50 years ago on the front of the moon, not on the back. China’s chang’e-4 landing on the moon at the end of last year was the first time that human beings landed on the moon.

Many people may not understand that the United States had the technology and strength to carry out a manned lunar landing 50 years ago. Why hasn’t it carried out a manned lunar landing for so many years? In fact, this is not difficult to understand. The moon is a satellite of the earth. It is very close to the earth. With the present technology of human beings, manned landing on the moon is not a problem at all. But why is no country willing to do so? In fact, China also has the technology of manned lunar landing, but it only carried out spacecraft lunar landing.

The main reason why countries around the world prefer to send probes to the moon instead of manned landing is that the cost performance of manned landing is not high. Human landing on any planet, including the moon and Mars, mainly has two purposes. One is to explore the unknown of this planet, and the other is to see what benefits this planet can bring to human beings?

In fact, there is no secret about the moon for human beings now. Apart from the mystery of the moon’s back, the front has been explored by human beings for a long time. Because the moon has no atmosphere and is so close to the earth. Basically, some powerful Aerospace countries can send their own probes to explore the moon, and they can see the moon clearly through advanced telescopes.


So what’s on the moon may be a secret to us, but there’s basically no secret for scientists. So manned landing on the moon is equivalent to tourism, and the cost is huge, there is no need for it at all. The cost of a manned lunar landing is quite enough for many explorers to land on the moon. Is there any resources on the moon that human beings need?

Of course, the moon is also a planet rich in resources, especially helium-3, which is urgently needed by human beings. However, with the current technology of human beings, it is impossible to mine on the moon at all, so the exploration work should be handed over to unmanned probes, such as chang’e-4. There is no need to spend huge money to carry people to the moon.

Of course, manned landing on the moon is inevitable in the future. When human beings have the technology of space mining and are able to mine resources on the moon, a large number of personnel will be sent to the moon to establish bases and living cities on the moon. In the future, the moon will become an important resource mining and living place for human beings.


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