What did the unknown creature eat when it was found unknown skin in its stomach 18000 years ago?

What did the unknown creature eat when it was found unknown skin in its stomach 18000 years ago?


Before human civilization, there were five mass extinctions on the earth, which were related to environmental changes. They are quietly born, and quietly left, as if a gust of wind, after a period of time was forgotten. This year, there are frequent disasters on the earth. The impact of global warming on the north and south poles has led to the melting of glaciers. The remains of those prehistoric creatures reappear in the sky, which reminds people of those extinct creatures.


In 2018, scientists found a prehistoric creature in Siberia. At first, it was 18000 years old. Because of its special appearance, its identity cannot be confirmed. Judging from the excavated remains, they are both like wolves and dogs. It is estimated that its death time is about three to nine months after birth. At present, science and technology are limited, so it is impossible to produce evidence to prove what it is? What did the unknown creature eat when it was found unknown skin in its stomach 18000 years ago?


Dissect unknown creatures and discover important secrets


Later, scientists dissected its body and discovered the earth shaking secret. In its body, another prehistoric organism’s DNA was detected, that is, rhinoceros. This should be the skin it didn’t digest when it ate its last meal. It has been extinct for 14000 years, but it was born 18000 years ago. Careful inference still meets the standard. Through the detection of DNA, scientists also found another problem. It is highly similar to the wool rhinoceros, which has 14 mitochondrial genomes and has been in a stable state. After thousands of years of development in the direction of diversification, until later extinction, what is the reason for the extinction of rhinoceros?


After careful analysis, scientists initially determined that it was caused by climate change. About 14000 years ago, the earth’s climate suddenly changed. Because it was difficult to adapt, the population decreased on a large scale until it finally went extinct. After the analysis of its DNA, it was found that it has the ability of genetic mutation, which is very suitable for cold environment, but it is not resistant to high temperature. Once the temperature rises, its resistance will decline significantly, leading to its extinction. However, the discovery of this piece of hairy rhinoceros meat left behind in 18000 years of prehistoric life has once again sounded the alarm to scientists. There is a very obvious relationship between animal extinction and environmental change relation.


Climate may accelerate the sixth extinction


Nowadays, climate change is obviously related to human life and death, and the ecosystem of ocean and land has been greatly changed. In this case, the earth is likely to lose animal and plant populations and become desolate, which seems to imply that the sixth mass extinction is approaching. In a short period of time, human beings have not taken action to change the earth’s environment, and the speed of extinction will continue to accelerate.


In fact, we all know that the maintenance of the ecological environment is the basis of biological survival. Human beings are constantly looking for other planets to prevent the earth from being suitable for human habitation one day. Since it is so troublesome to find a second earth, we might as well take good care of the earth’s environment. What do you think of this great discovery? You can leave a message for interaction.

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