What did Voyager 1 leave behind? A picture sent back by Zeng makes scientists uneasy!

6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent back photos, which made scientists think deeply!


When ancient people longed for outer space, they could only look up at the dark night sky under the faint moonlight and guess what the scene was like in the night sky? Due to the limited technology at that time, the ancients were unable to enter outer space, and all they could do was to guess. Now it’s different. Thanks to the rapid development of science and technology, human beings finally have the opportunity to leave the earth and land in the vast outer space.

In 1961, Gagarin was sent into space. There was a breakthrough in the field of space. His small step was a big step towards outer space. People think that after this step out, the secrets of outer space can be revealed one by one, but all the ideas are too simple, and people still overestimate their ability. Every astronaut entering outer space has a very high requirement for physical fitness, but also costs a lot of money. The key is that space radiation may leave indelible damage to astronauts. 6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent back photos, which made scientists think deeply!


The purpose of human launch Voyager 1


Almost half a century later, human beings have finally realized the mystery and vastness of the universe. Human beings have not even stepped out of the solar system, let alone the universe. In 1977, NASA launched Voyager 1, which is expected to explore different planets, representing human and earth. In order to search for alien civilization, experts placed a CD-ROM on Voyager 1, recording all the conditions and coordinates of the earth. Once captured by alien civilization, they will be able to find human beings and meet with them smoothly.

Voyager 1 carries everyone’s hope, but scientists are worried, which may lead to human death. Human beings are too curious about alien civilization, and they still go their own way without considering the consequences. The reality is very cruel, pouring a basin of cold water directly to mankind. Fortunately, Voyager 1 took a picture about 6.5 billion kilometers from the earth and sent it back to the earth. After scientists saw it, they could not suppress their inner feelings for a long time. What did they see?


What do scientists see in this picture?


In our opinion, the earth breeds all things. This is a great earth. However, the photo sent back by Voyager 1 is actually aimed at the earth. In the vast universe, the earth is a dim blue dot, which can be ignored. Taking the universe as the background, the earth is like a small star, just a corner in the solar system. When scientists saw this picture, they became more and more frustrated, and then we went out to the earth. The universe is so vast that there is no end at all. How can we know its depth? What’s more, Voyager 1 will expose the target of the earth, and what the future human beings will experience is exactly what scientists are most worried about.

Human beings know little about the universe. Looking at the universe from the earth is just like a frog in a well. Only when human beings have the ability to leave the earth, they think that the universe is under their own control. In fact, the universe is more complex than we think. Human beings have forgotten that the earth is the foundation of human beings. Today, the destruction of human beings to the earth is the most fatal. Perhaps human beings have not left the earth yet The ball has been driven out by the earth. What’s your comment on this picture sent back by Voyager 1? You can leave a message for interaction.

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