What did Wang Mang do? Why are they suspected of being “walkers”? The answer is his wife!

From “myth” to “qingniannian”, Chuanyue opera has been deeply loved by the audience. Exploring ancient history from the perspective of modern people can arouse our resonance. Crossing is a plot made up by movies and TV plays. But there have been so-called walkers in history who claim to be from the future and make predictions about the earth. In the history of our country, there was a man who established a new dynasty and was also known as “the first man through”. Who was he?


This man is Wang Mang who established the ancient dynasty, the new dynasty. There have been many legends about Wang Mang. Many people think that he is the most likely passer-by. The reason why they say that is because of Wang Mang’s avant-garde thought and abnormal behavior, which were out of place in ancient feudal society. Some people think that his approach is more like a modern education of the passer-by.


“National loan system”


In ancient times, the emperor was the leader of the powerful, and all the land and trees in the world were his wealth. After the establishment of the new dynasty, Wang Mang reformed the land. All the land was distributed to the poor people, and some of the land occupied by the powerful and landlords was also distributed. In addition, he also formulated the national loan system, which is divided into interest bearing and non interest bearing ways, which is unimaginable in modern times. This kind of modern economic system can appear in ancient times. Is Wang Mang really a passer-by?


Ancient glider


Although he had advanced ideas, he was only in office for 15 years. Most of the systems failed because they violated the interests of the feudal class. After he established the new dynasty, the Xiongnu launched an attack on the new dynasty, the political situation of the country did not stabilize, and the whole dynasty was in turmoil, so Wang Mang called together the capable people and scholars of the whole country. Among them, one of them claimed that he could fly into the sky to attack the enemy. After listening to this, many people feel that they are not laughing or crying. How can human beings fly into the sky? But Wang Mang felt that his theory could be adopted, and he also built a device similar to a glider.


Precise calipers


After he established the new dynasty, a kind of calipers appeared among the people. This kind of calipers is very accurate in measurement, which is almost the same as modern calipers. Many people think that this kind of cultural relic may be brought back by Wang through ancient times. Of course, this is just our guess. There is no record in all the data that it was made by Wang Mang. Why do people claim that he is a passer-by? They found the answer in Wang Mang’s wife.


Wang Mang’s wife


In ancient times, the custom was feudal and stupid. After a woman got married, she could not let anyone see other parts of her body except her husband. However, Wang Mang’s wife wore a short skirt to welcome guests. This kind of behavior was harmful to women’s morality at that time. But in fact, this is what Wang Mang asked his wife to wear, which is enough to show how avant-garde and open-minded Wang Mang’s thought is. Having said so much, do you think he is a passer-by?

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