What do aliens look like? Scientists speculate that they are gender neutral and violent

How long is the history of the universe? How big is the universe? Scientists have given the current research data, however, to borrow an old saying: the forest is big, there are all kinds of birds. Well, aliens also exist!


When it comes to aliens, you must immediately think of an alien with big eyes and small necks on a UFO flying saucer. Do aliens really look like this?

We can say that we are both unfamiliar and familiar with the appearance of aliens, because we have seen all kinds of alien videos or pictures, and their appearance is different from that of human beings. Although aliens also carry the word “human”, after all, one side of the soil and water nourishes another.


In 43 percent of alien encounters in the United States, eyewitnesses describe aliens as little gray people.


Small gray people are also known as Roswell aliens. They are usually about 120cm tall, with gray skin, small size, slow moving, long arms and can touch knees. It has big black almond shaped eyes and a flat nose. There is no gender distinction, no genitalia, and a brutal and unsympathetic personality.

In addition to the little gray man, aliens have other appearances. Although aliens are depicted strangely by us in appearance, they still contain our cognition and understanding of the world in our human works. After all, we can’t empathize with things that we can’t recognize.


For example, when we think that aliens are extremely evil, they appear in the form of insects and beasts.


They are dinosaur like, with four legs and a long tail, and can stand. The head is frightening. It’s sharp and long, with a frightening face. It’s gray black and covered with strange liquid. The movement is quick. When you open your mouth, you can see a very long tongue and a full mouth of tusks.

Xiaobian believes that the universe is vast, and it is very likely that there are planets suitable for life only in the solar system where we live. Perhaps these creatures also regard water as one of the necessary conditions for survival.


Scientists have found traces of water flowing through Mars, and the underground of Mars is very warm, and specific environments can breed specific organisms. Martians may be real.


In order to find the answers to these unsolved mysteries, we have to constantly develop science and technology, constantly explore the universe, and challenge the unknown. Maybe we can find the so-called answers!

What is the alien like in your heart? Welcome to comment area.

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