What do geocentric people rely on to survive? Snowden revealed their secrets and tried to find them

Maybe there is another world under the earth, where there is another group of people living, and the geocentric people may really exist. In fact, before science and technology were so developed, people suspected that there was a world under the earth. Unfortunately, at that time, science and technology had not been able to deeply explore the interior of the earth. Since Snowden’s prism door explosion, many unknown secrets have broken out.


It’s said that Snowden announced the existence of the earth’s inner world! They are a group of creatures with advanced civilization. They travel freely underground and reach every corner of the earth. Perhaps they have already established many kingdoms underground. With the rise of geocentric temperature, they gradually become thermophilic geocentric people. It is precisely because of the increase of crustal temperature that the evolution speed of geocentric people is greatly accelerated.

It is generally believed that the earth is a solid ball, and the center of the earth is just magma. However, human beings have been unable to produce evidence to prove that the earth really exists. However, many people don’t believe in geocentric civilization, because after several years of exploration, we found that there are still only rocks tens of thousands of meters below the earth. But that doesn’t mean anything. The earth is so big, who can guarantee that there will be no geocentric civilization? If the earth is hollow, there may be two poles of export, then the advanced civilization on the earth can smoothly enter.


Geocentric theory of the earth


In 1692, the British astronomer put forward the bold hypothesis of the hollow Earth theory. He thought that the earth would not become a reality, but was composed of many hollow spheres. There is a gap between each ball, which is just like the earth, with moderate temperature, dense plants and pleasant climate.

This assumption is not groundless. Many evidences have been found on the earth to suspect the existence of geocentric civilization, which makes people doubt the existence of geocentric civilization and human beings. There are also people who think that geocentric people are aliens. There is a certain reason for this conjecture.


Snowden reveals the true existence of geocentric man


Edward Snowden, a former CIA official, released a shocking confidential document on the Internet, which said: there are ethnic groups far beyond human intelligence on the earth, and geocentric people exist in the earth’s mantle. Most Bureau members believe that there are geocentric people in the mantle who are much smarter than modern people, Snowden said.

It is reported that the mantle has not changed for billions of years, so it is likely to be a stable residence and can sustain long-term life. It’s very likely that geocentric people live there, where the temperature environment is completely different from ours, where they can accelerate the wisdom of geocentric people and constantly evolve.


Because the technology of geocentric people is far more advanced than we think, if there is a conflict between human and geocentric people, which leads to war, it will be very difficult for human to survive. We always say that we have found traces of geocentric people, so where do these geocentric people come from? Who are they?


It is speculated that a million years ago, people built nuclear reactors, most of which were destroyed by nuclear war. Moreover, a small group of people who started nuclear war (such as Atlantis) dug underground tunnels in advance to avoid death. However, due to the influence of the earth’s internal environment and the role of nuclear reaction, they gradually became geocentric people and could only survive underground without any life.

Although all these are conjectures and there is no actual evidence to prove the existence of geocentric people, it does not mean that they do not exist. According to legend, the underground world is colorful, with countless caves and tunnels intertwined with each other to form a network. In the underground corridor, there are secrets of geocentric civilization, or endless treasures. But so far no one has found the entrance to the inner earth.

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