What do people see one second before they die? Scientists are excited by hundreds of answers

Death, at any time, is a very popular word. Since ancient times, people have been very afraid of death. As a result, people are very curious about the world after death.

However, it is said that the lantern will flash in his life like before he dies. So what do people see one second before they die?


Because death is an attractive scientific research topic, it has been studied by people all the time. Scientists investigated 154 cases rescued from near death and asked him what they saw before they died.

However, their description is totally different. Some said they saw a very strong white light. However, some say they see nothing but emptiness. Others claim that they have met their late relatives and friends, and they say otherwise.

Although all the scenes they saw were different, they were incredible. However, with the further study of scientists, people found that there is a reason why people look at these things after death.


First of all, we know that after a person dies, all kinds of functions of his body fail. In other words, the brain no longer functions properly before death. Therefore, due to the unconscious behavior of dying brain, people will see these magical scenes before death.

Before death, if the consciousness is abnormal or the consciousness disappears, the subconscious will be exposed, and you will see what you can’t see with the consciousness. This discovery makes scientists excited, because in addition to better understanding the topic of death, it also opens up a wider space in the unknown areas of the brain.


It has to be said that this is of great significance for the progress of human physiological science. However, science is endless and has no boundaries. It still needs more research to solve the final problem. What do you think of this?

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