What do people think before they die? Let the experiencer know the answer and refresh the past cognition!

What do people think before they die? Let the experiencer know the answer and refresh the past cognition!


There is a beginning and an end to life. From then on, it means the birth of human life. Everyone is unique in the world, from childhood to youth to middle age, then to old age, and finally to death. This is everyone’s destiny, but also a more ancient law. Since ancient times, many emperors have been pursuing immortality. No matter how much manpower or material resources they expend, they can never reach it. In the face of death, human beings are extremely afraid, and every life will come to an end.


There are many legends among the people. Some legends say that people will become stars in the sky after they die. Some people think that they will go to another world. Scientists are also trying to find the end of life, so they do an experiment. The object of this experiment is the dying people. According to the description, these dying people were conscious at the moment before they died, but their sense of hearing and taste had gradually disappeared. They also wanted to cry out for help, but they failed. Even if the heart has how much desire, others to save him has never been responded, this statement has aroused the attention of the whole world. What do people think before they die? Let the experiencer know the answer and refresh the past cognition!


Some people who are on the verge of death describe that before death, they will look back on their life in their mind. Some people have value in their life, while others are in famine. Wasteful people will leave regret in their hearts, so at that time, their hearts are extremely helpless. Their own consciousness will gradually separate from the body, looking for another dependent target in the air. At the same time, they can really feel the call of death. Even if the heart is reluctant to escape eventually, why does the human mind get rid of the body?


In fact, part of the reason is that before death, the soul belongs to itself. According to quantum mechanics, after death, the human body has no consciousness, but the soul can exist in another way. In other words, the soul can be reborn in another world. Scientists are also exploring what is the end of life.


At present, what we can understand is that before death, people are conscious, can clearly remember what happened, and can’t describe it clearly with words. Death is inevitable. No matter how long people live, they have to experience death. A person’s life is just a few decades. It’s better to live a valuable life in his limited time, rather than waste his life. At least looking back on his life before death is brilliant, rather than mediocre.


We often hear reports of people committing suicide. When they are in extreme despair, these people make some extreme behaviors, resulting in the loss of life. Everyone’s life is only once. How precious it is. At least their own life is valuable. Only those who have experienced great storms can know the value of life. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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