What do people think before they die? People who are on the verge of death recall the terrible experience!

What do people think before they die? People who are on the verge of death recall the terrible experience!


Everyone is afraid of death. Death means the end of life. Life is only once for human beings, so we should cherish it. Since ancient times, many emperors want to ask for the elixir of immortality. Unfortunately, life, aging, illness and death are the norm of human beings. No one can escape this fate. No matter how much manpower and material resources are spent, the best way can be found.


In the face of death, many people are full of infinite fear. In order to find out the answer, scientists focus on people who have near death experience. Many people have described that death is very close. At the moment of death, the brain has a certain consciousness and can hear the voice of the outside world. Unfortunately, it is impossible to perceive the surrounding environment Things, that is to say, in the dying man, his sense of pain has gradually disappeared, and it is difficult to make a sound. Although their consciousness remains, but can not be expressed through language. What do people think before they die? People who are on the verge of death recall the terrible experience!


According to relevant research, some of the people with near death experience tried to cry out for help, but they didn’t get the corresponding response. This experiment attracted people’s attention. Some people describe that they experienced the moment of death, and can clearly recall their life in the world, just like a slide, which sounds incredible. When feeling the call of death, some consciousness can’t return to the body at all, they can only look for support in the air. At that time, they were very desperate, which led to people’s doubts about the existence of consciousness. To a large extent, the near death experience is based on the existence of soul.


The development of quantum mechanics is different. It shows us that soul is equivalent to consciousness. When life ends, it will continue to exist in another way. So far, scientists have not given an exact answer. However, it can be speculated that at the moment of human death, the brain still retains consciousness and can perceive everything around.


Life is precious. Many people realize how precious everything they have when they are about to die. The most important thing for a person to do is not to waste his life, but to create more value and strive to create a meaningful life. A lot of people look back on their life, only to think of leaving too much regret. The most important thing in a person is the brain. The ability of thinking and consciousness are derived from the brain. The brain is a very complex organ.


Our behavior and consciousness are directed by the brain. If people are facing death, the brain will stop working. All these are closely related. In the face of this mysterious near death experience, there are many aspects worthy of our in-depth study, and more efforts can be devoted to solve the mystery. What do you think of this sense of near death? You can leave a message for interaction.

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