What do scientists say when they see the “yellow wire” on American beaches?

Many mysterious phenomena often occur on the earth. Just like this picture below, many people think that this picture is a mess of yellow wires at the first sight. This picture was taken on a beach in the United States. Is this the rubbish discarded by human beings on the beach? In fact, many people’s first impression is wrong. This is not a wire.


“Yellow wire”?


If you look carefully, you will find something unusual in the picture. At the end of each yellow wire, there is a bunch of small white things. According to common sense, how can white things appear on the wire? So this shouldn’t be a wire. This was shot by a netizen unintentionally. When he was walking on the beach, he suddenly saw a mass of yellow wires in front of him. He thought it was abandoned by tourists here. In order to protect the environment, he put it in a plastic bag. At this time, he carefully observed the Yellow wires and found that they were very bright in color and even wriggling. What’s the matter?


What is sea whip?


It’s not a yellow wire. When scientists saw the photos, they said that this is a kind of marine plant. This marine plant is good at camouflage itself, which is called sea whip. If we don’t look at it carefully, it’s easy to regard it as an abandoned wire. This is actually a camouflage technique of sea whip, which can avoid the attack of natural enemies, including human beings. There are many animals and plants that are good at camouflage in nature. Chameleon is widely known. Chameleons can change their skin color according to the environment, so they can camouflage their natural enemies, and it is not easy to find them. Sea whip is the same principle.


Sea whip is widely distributed in the United States, and some varieties have become rampant in the United States. The longest sea whip can even reach about one meter. These whiplash structures are actually tentacles of the sea whip, which can be used to capture small plankton. When the sea whip appears on the beach, it will disguise itself, so it is easy for people to think of it as a rope. Of course, the sea whip is not toxic and does no harm to human beings.


After this photo was published on the Internet, it caused a heated discussion. In fact, many people have seen this kind of creature, which is enough to show the power of nature. Although we have reached the top of the food chain, there are still many mysteries in nature waiting for us to explore.


Just like these camouflaged animals and plants, they have to evolve better abilities in order to survive better. Both the environment and human beings should be in a state of balance, so that nature can regain its vitality and human beings can walk for a longer time. Have you ever seen this kind of plant?

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