What does a 1.8-megapixel image of Mars look like? Netizen: This is the future of the earth!

In your heart, maybe like Xiaobian, you have always had a dream, that is, to experience a return to star trek in the future and go to the world beyond the earth, just like our usual travel and vacation.


With the continuous development of human science and technology, we have been able to set foot on the surface of the moon 380000 kilometers away from us. With the pace of human beings moving into space, we also begin to see the scene beyond the earth home.

1.8 billion pixel panorama of Mars released by NASA


The scene in the above photo is not the earth, but the shape scene from 55 million kilometers away. This is a Mars photo with 1.8 billion pixels, which is the clearest and largest Mars photo that human beings have so far. It shows us a real Mars continent.


From this picture, we can clearly see what the Martian continent looks like. It is desolate and dead, and there is no life form. This is an alien world composed of yellow Gobi and desert. In this photo, we can see the gravel and gravel on the hillside, and some unknown traces left by the clay part.

Scientists speculate that these are erosion marks caused by water, which means that in the distant past, Mars is likely to be a warm world with water. At that time, Mars was warm and humid, and had its own life circle. However, in a special period of time, Mars lost most of its atmosphere due to a major change, such as the disappearance of magnetic field.


The solar wind stripped the entire Martian atmosphere. Mars, which lost its atmosphere, also lost its water. Mars, which was once warm and humid, gradually dried up. After hundreds of millions of years of vicissitudes, gradually evolved into today’s Mars.


So how was this picture of Mars taken? This was actually taken by the curiosity Mars probe, the strongest Mars rover ever. It is NASA’s seventh Mars lander and the world’s first nuclear powered Rover.

It was launched in November 2011 and successfully landed in Gail crater on Mars in August 2012. It is the data obtained by curiosity on Mars that we can infer that Mars has experienced a subversive environmental change.


This photo is officially based on the results of curiosity’s exploration. The photo was taken from November 24 to December 1, 2019. Curiosity spent more than six hours every day to synthesize more than 1400 photos into one photo, thus having the clearest Mars photo ever.


It shows us a panoramic view of the Glen torydon region of Mars. In addition to the scene above Mars, we can also see the deck and mechanical arm of curiosity. It is because of curiosity that we can see this continent at least 55 million miles away from us. This celestial body, called fluorescein, was originally a desert world . Some netizens even joked: “maybe this will be the future of the earth!”

Up to now, curiosity has been working on Mars for nearly eight years and has made a lot of achievements. Xiaobian believes that in the future, with the continuous progress of our science and technology, we will create more achievements and make greater discoveries.


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