What does an owl stand for if it stands at the door?

Many people must have heard of owls, but Xiaobian doesn’t know how many people have seen owls in the wild. After all, Xiaobian, who grew up in the countryside, has never seen owls… But Xiaobian seems to have heard owls when she was young. I remember one quiet night when she heard the sound of “Gu ~ Gu ~”, My parents told me that it was the voice of an owl, empty and ethereal.


But I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of such a legend, “if you’re not afraid of night owls, you’re afraid of night owls laughing.” in fact, the cry of owls is not terrible. The most terrible thing is their “giggle ~” laughter. It’s said that once an owl “laughs” in front of someone’s door, it predicts that someone will die in a few days. But is such a rumor true?


In fact, many people know that owls are good at catching mice and snakes, but you may not know that it is for this reason that owls are particularly sensitive to the smell of carrion, or even crazy. People who are about to die often emit a smell similar to “carrion smell”. Of course, it is this smell that attracts owls.


But why do owls giggle? Actually, it’s not the sound of an owl laughing. There are two main sound forms of an owl. One is the normal “cluck ~” sound, and the other is the “cluck ~” sound when frightened or scared. Therefore, for an owl, the excited “cluck ~” sound when smelling the smell of carrion is also very normal.


However, although the legend of legend, you have met the “owl mourning things?” If you have met, please leave a message below to share with you. I don’t know what other folk rumors you know with scientific basis? You are welcome to say the rumors you know in the comments area below. Xiaobian is waiting to communicate with you here.


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