What does it mean that there is a “anomaly” over the US presidential hill, where the bubble structure is as wide as 1km?

Many mysterious natural phenomena often occur on the earth. On December 7, NASA released a very interesting picture, which looks very spectacular and hot.


What’s going on over presidential hill?


It turns out that there are huge clouds over Mount Rushmore in the United States. The clouds are like bubbles one after another, standing still in the sky for a long time, causing a huge discussion among netizens. I don’t know if I have any friends who are familiar with American history. For the United States, Mount Rushmore is not an ordinary mountain. This mountain is also called President’s mountain by the Americans. In fact, there are four giant stone carvings on the top of the mountain. These four giant stone carvings are the four presidents of the United States. It’s 80 years ago, and many tourists come to visit them every year.


In September this year, an American photographer was visiting Mount Rushmore. While he was taking pictures of the sky, he suddenly found that a strange cloud appeared above the four stone carvings. This kind of cloud is very different from ordinary clouds. One bubble after another forms a layered structure. Visually, the width of each bubble is more than 1 km. At that time, he was also wondering, if such clouds appeared in other places, it’s OK to say, why did they appear above the four statues? So a lot of conspiracy theorists also think of bad things. They think that the strange clouds may have something to do with the end of the world in the film.


Discussion of netizens


I don’t know if you’ve seen a movie called “2012 the end of the world”. Some people think that such clouds are actually the precursor of the end of the world. Some people say that strange clouds appear under the statue, which is likely to be a bad thing. After all, in 2020, all countries are not going well. There are also some people who are very optimistic. They think that such clouds may be a kind of auspicious omen. After all, they are in an extraordinary period and are likely to bring good luck to people.


Some netizens think that such clouds are actually written by aliens. They may be looking forward to the history of mankind. Just as we are discussing vigorously, scientists have come forward to express their views. They think that this is just a natural phenomenon, just happened to happen in Mount Rushmore. In fact, in China, the probability of this form is still very high, this kind of cloud is actually a milky cloud.


In fact, it is related to the local climate and geographical location. Generally speaking, when the air flow density is uneven, one after another milky clouds will appear. And when the Milky cloud appears, it is often accompanied by lightning and thunder, so it is best to avoid this phenomenon. Have you ever seen a milky cloud?

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