What does it seem to imply that the creatures that once thrived on the earth are disappearing one by one?

The species of the earth disappear one after another, and mankind will stop soon, or it will usher in the sixth extinction!


When it comes to endangered species, mammoth and Stella manatee are impressive. They once lived carefree on the earth, but they went extinct due to the hunting and killing of human beings and the mutation of natural environment. I don’t know when the extinction of species has never stopped. Many species may go on a road of no return if they are careless.

Before the birth of human civilization, there were five mass extinctions on the earth, the most recent of which was the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. With the vigorous posture and huge size of dinosaurs, they could not have gone extinct without the invasion of external disasters. Since entering the new century, the species on the earth have been on the verge of extinction, as if implying that the sixth species extinction is not far away from us. The species of the earth disappear one after another, and mankind will stop soon, or it will usher in the sixth extinction!


Too many species are heading for a road of no return


In 2020, Australia’s national treasure platypus, unable to continue, was declared extinct. Cheetahs, once galloping on the grassland, now have less than 7000 left in the world due to human captivity. If they continue to do so, it will not be far from extinction. It is hard for scientists to see so many species disappear. In recent decades, the scope of human activities continues to expand, and all kinds of behaviors become more and more reckless, such as theft, hunting and so on, which endanger the survival of those species. Although human beings stand at the top of the food chain, they can not do these abominable behaviors to accelerate the extinction of wild animals.

In the near future, they will disappear forever on the earth. Scientists have warned mankind that if we do not take protective measures, the speed of extinction will be faster in the future. Frankly speaking, the extinction of these species is closely related to human behavior. I’ve heard too many animals whine and the environment changes suddenly. In order to adapt to the human rules, they can only change the original direction of evolution. Human beings are a kind of profit seeking creatures. Under the blind killing, those precious species have disappeared one after another.


How bad is human behavior to the earth’s creatures?


Have you heard of African elephants? Its horn is very valuable and has magical effect. It can not only cure all kinds of diseases, but also symbolize status. An ivory can be sold for 30000 dollars. In order to obtain huge profits, human beings hunt and kill it wantonly. In the eyes of human beings, money is the most important thing. They don’t care about the life and death of those creatures. In addition, changes in the climate and environment have forced those species to change their original living habits. Their living conditions are extremely bad. This year’s global warming has caught people off guard. The living organisms in the north and south poles are on the verge of extinction. They give up their original eating habits and look for food on land.

Seeing these pictures, it’s time for human beings to wake up. Scientists have already sounded the alarm for human beings. In the next ten years, what human beings should do is in their own behavior. If human beings still go their own way and do not make any changes, the next extinction may be human beings, because human beings will be punished by nature. How do you feel about the extinction of many species in the history of the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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