What does the sudden disappearance of hundreds of stars mean? Or alien civilization

In the universe, stars are divided into different kinds, including planets, stars, supernovae, red giant stars, black holes and so on. In the solar system, the sun is the only star, because their position in the sky is fixed, so they are called stars, and their position will not be changed easily. However, the laws of the universe tell us that nothing in the universe is eternal, and everything will go through the aging process, including the stars in the universe.


During the 10 years from 2001 to 2011, scientists have detected some weak signals of the Milky way, analyzed the spectra and data, and concluded that there is an extremely unstable giant white dwarf in the universe of Aquarius, which is about 75 million light-years away from the earth. Its volume is about 100 times that of the sun, and its brightness is 2.5 million times that of the sun. It is a white dwarf in the late life evolution . The discovery of this white dwarf also played a very important role. Through the traces it left, we can infer the later evolution process of the star.

Although we have realized that the structure of this white dwarf is very unstable, we didn’t expect that it would change so quickly, but in 2019, when scientists observed the star again with a large telescope in Chile, they found that it had disappeared, or even could not detect its light, so what happened to this star in the universe? Why does it disappear all of a sudden?


There are many irrationalities in the process of the death of white dwarfs, because white dwarfs are produced at the end of life, while supernovae are composed of flashes brought by each explosion, which can be directly detected on earth, but there is no sign of the death of white dwarfs. When this phenomenon was discovered, many observatories used different instruments to observe the star.


Finally, they concluded that the white dwarf was likely to explode violently after the 2011 observation. The reason why the equipments on earth can’t observe the afterglow of the explosion is that a large amount of Stardust is produced in the aging process, and the explosion process is covered by stardust. It’s also possible that the white dwarf turned into a small black hole without a supernova explosion.

However, it is interesting that this white dwarf is not the only star that has disappeared in the universe. In just 50 years, more than 100 stars have disappeared. The reason for their disappearance has not yet been determined. Some people even speculate that it is a masterpiece of aliens. For the earth, 15 million light-years is too far away, perhaps because our monitoring equipment still has some defects, unable to accurately record all events beyond 75 million light-years. What’s your opinion on this issue?

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