What does the universe look like? Scientists have put forward three possible conjectures. Which one do you agree with?

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When people walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they will think of two questions about the universe. One is how the universe was born? The other is what the universe looks like?

The world in which human beings live is a three-dimensional world. In this world, any substance has its own shape. Even like liquid water, it will take on different shapes in different environments. We can see the shape of the solid matter we see everyday, and we can know what a stone looks like.


Before human beings have no earth, what we want to know most is what the earth looks like? In ancient times, people had all kinds of guesses about the shape and appearance of the earth. No matter how people guess, the real earth will be very different from what they imagine. It’s very difficult to see the appearance of an object when we are in it. It’s just like we don’t know the mountain when we are in the mountains. When we are in a big mountain, it’s very difficult to really see the whole picture of the mountain. Naturally, we can’t really know what the mountain looks like.

Only when we walk out of the mountain and stand outside the mountain, can we really know what a mountain looks like. In the same way, we need to know what the earth looks like. Only when we walk out of the earth and stand in space can we see clearly. So when humans walk out of the earth, it seems very exciting, because at that time we can finally see the true face of the earth.

Standing outside the earth to see the earth, the earth is a sphere, such a sphere in the universe countless, and most of the stars in the universe are presented as a sphere, the main reason is related to gravity. Only a few asteroids will take on strange shapes, so what does the universe of countless planets look like?

At present, scientists define the origin of the universe as the singularity explosion. About 13.8 billion years ago, a singularity explosion gave birth to the universe. After the birth of the universe, all kinds of celestial bodies were not born immediately, but all kinds of materials were born first. With the continuous expansion of the universe, the gas, dust and other materials scattered around the universe began to condense. After billions of years of evolution, stars were born.


After the birth of a star, through its internal nuclear fusion reaction, it refines all kinds of materials in the universe, and produces more kinds of materials, such as all kinds of heavy materials in the universe, which are basically born through the refining of stars. The death of stars, supernova explosions and other types of celestial bodies have evolved, such as white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes and so on.

Because the vast universe is so big that we can’t imagine, the current observation technology of human beings can’t really see the edge of the universe, let alone go out of the universe. So what does the universe look like? No one can make it clear, but scientists have also put forward three possible conjectures. Let’s understand them together.

The first conjecture is that the universe may be the shape of a saddle. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the universe is a distorted space-time. Since it is a distorted space, the shape of the universe may not be the regular figure in our cognition, but the shape of a saddle. Human beings and all kinds of celestial bodies in the universe are located in the center or edge of the “saddle” of the universe.


Although we are not sure whether the universe is the shape of “saddle”, it is basically certain that the cosmic space is not flat, and scientists have found a lot of evidence, and this has been basically confirmed through simulation experiments.

The second conjecture is that the universe is an infinitely extended plane, which contains all stars and galactic dust, but outside the plane is nothing, and the universe is constantly expanding. Therefore, there is no end to this plane. However, the conjecture that the universe is flat has not been accepted by many scientists.

The third conjecture is that the universe is a huge bubble with infinite expansion. This conjecture has been supported by more scientists. According to the exploration and research of the universe by scientists in recent years, many people think that the space of the universe is very much like a huge bubble, and the celestial bodies are attached to the surface of the huge bubble. Due to the pressure generated by the gravity of the celestial body, the bubble is compressed, resulting in a distorted force, which is what we call celestial gravity .

If the universe is a huge bubble, then its shape is basically like a sphere, which is similar to most celestial bodies. More and more people think that all kinds of celestial bodies we see in the universe, including stars, planets, neutron stars and so on, are in the shape of a standard sphere, so the universe containing all this is not a deformed shape, it may also be a very regular sphere.


On the other hand, the energy generated by the big bang diffuses to all sides, and the expansion of the universe also expands rapidly to all sides. In this way, a huge space with the big bang as the central point and expanding rapidly outward is formed, which is the universe we live in. Of course, we can’t know how big the universe is without the average expansion speed of the universe.

To really understand the shape of the universe, it is basically impossible for us to be in the universe. Only one day can we walk out of the universe and stand outside the universe, can we really see what our universe is like? Maybe someone will say, isn’t the universe the only one? In fact, in recent years, scientists have become more and more convinced of the pluralistic cosmology. More and more people believe that the universe is not the only one, and there is more vast space outside the universe.

Of course, it’s not easy for us to get out of the universe. We need to master the speed mode far beyond our imagination. This speed is no longer the superluminal flight in our cognition. Even if we sail at the speed of 100 times, 1000 times or 10000 times light, we are unlikely to get out of the universe. Scientists think of breaking space, the wormhole in science fiction.


Maybe our universe has a shortcut to the outside world, which is wormhole connection. Under normal circumstances, no matter how fast our spaceship is, the possibility of getting out of space is very small. For example, no matter how you fly on the earth, no matter how you spin, you can’t fly out of the earth. The rocket can fly out of the earth because its speed is beyond the gravity of the earth.

In the universe, the speed that we need to get out of the universe may exceed our imagination. Under normal circumstances, we can’t get out of the universe anyway. But if there is such a passage as wormhole, maybe it doesn’t need much speed, as long as you can go through the wormhole, you can get out of the universe. Of course, it is not easy to realize wormhole shuttle. First of all, we need to determine the possibility of wormhole existence in the universe. At present, whether wormhole exists is still unknown, and scientists need to explore and prove it.

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