What else can human beings do when the job market is occupied by robots?

With the development of science and technology, robots will be integrated into our life in the future. Many things may be done by robots. Robots not only have high efficiency and stability, but also can work day and night. These are things that human beings can’t do. Then a large number of human beings will face the problem of unemployment. What should we do then?

Researchers estimate that by 2025, the market value of robots will be as high as 33 billion US dollars (about 218.9 billion yuan). This means that robots will take over most of human work in the near future. At that time, the human work market will face great challenges. But since ancient times, intelligent human beings will seize the opportunity to adapt to new jobs. Therefore, in the future, human beings may create the following five new jobs.

I. machine trainer


At that time, there will be a group of companies focusing on robot software and application development, and the functions of these software and applications will be far beyond the standard factory level. In these factories, robot trainers are needed to train robots for additional functions. Such as singing and dancing function, language function or cooking function. This is not without examples. Softbank’s social robots can already sing songs and do various dance moves to entertain their owners. In addition to the above functions, robot training will also create a new job market for human beings, that is, developing software and hardware suitable for these robots to achieve more complex performance and level.

Plastic surgeon of robot

People are now making themselves beautiful through sports, makeup, or plastic surgery, and robots are no exception. In order to personalize robots, there are likely to be companies that let people update their robots with stronger limbs or faster processors. As humans become more and more connected with social robots, the demand for companies that provide customized choices for robots will increase.


3、 Robot nurses

Just like us humans, robots also need regular “health checks” and regular checks to ensure the smooth progress of their daily activities. There are already roboticists, and they are well paid. Although so far, robot maintenance has focused on the industrial sector. But with the advent of the social Robot Revolution, the “nurse” of robots will emerge as the times require to provide services for the more mainstream market.

Robot travel agency


In the future, people are likely to travel with robots. Just like children can’t do without dolls, human beings and robots will establish the same close relationship. In the future, robots may also need to travel and travel, which will promote the development of robot transportation industry and robot travel agency.

5. Organizers and judges of Robot Exhibition

Studies have shown that humans will establish close relationships with pets and even cars, and in some cases, they will display pets or cars as a symbol of their owner’s status and logo. Similarly, researchers believe that in the near future, many proud robot “owners” may be interested in showing their customized robots to others to gain recognition of robot design, which will lead to the emergence of new enterprises organizing robot exhibitions.

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