What happened in 2020? Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign forecasters have unanimously predicted that these two events will happen

There are too many great events in 2020. However, people from all over the world predicted this year as early as before. Let’s take a look at what these ancient and modern forecasters at home and abroad said!

Babawanga predicts the tsunami in China and Japan in 2020


Babawanga was born in Bulgaria in 1911. When he was 12 years old, he was involved in a tornado and lost his sight. However, he has the ability to predict the future. Babawanga’s prediction is very accurate, so it has the name of “Bulgaria’s Nostradamus”. Many of the prophecies she left behind were accurate and concordant with real events.

For example, the September 11 attacks in 2001 in the United States, the South Asian tsunami in 2004, and brexit in the United Kingdom have an accuracy of 80%. For 2020, she also predicted that there would be many catastrophes on earth:


1. Extremism invaded Europe and was attacked by “chemical weapons”.

2. Russia is afraid of being hit by meteorites.


3. Brexit suffered a large-scale economic crisis.

4. There will be a big earthquake in Asia.


5. There will be a tsunami in China, Japan and other places.

Great events in 2020


Hamilton Parker, a British prophet, had successfully predicted that trump was president of the United States in 2016, claiming to have successfully predicted the Australian wildfire in 2019, and the riots in Hongkong.

Hamilton Parker further released the 6 “2020 world predictions”, including a war in the Middle East, and the US President trump was successfully re elected. The British Prime Minister Johnson will join forces with his partner Gia Simmonds. Europe will have a new economic crisis, and China will initiate a new wave of revolutionary action.


Mars boy

A Russian born boy named polyska, who claimed to be from Mars, shocked the whole scientific community with his extraordinary wealth of knowledge.


In addition to many theologians’ deep belief in his predictions, even the late famous physicist Stephen Hawking also believed that this “Martian boy”‘s understanding of the universe and astronomy has gone beyond his and the scientific community around the world. We can’t ignore his cosmology and his prediction of the future world.

He said: ‘I believe that I have my own mission as well as the great guiding spirit. China, a country chosen by the kingdom of God to reincarnate the God who undertakes the mission, has a specific historical identity. At that time, poliscka made a serious prediction that the end is inevitable, but it’s not in 2012. This will wait until our great guiding spirit born in China returns to the kingdom of God That day will happen.


He also pointed out that in 2020, a continent on earth will have the first major disaster, and the second, more devastating disaster will occur in 2050.

As for other people’s doubts, Mars boy also expressed his own views: you can question what a child said, but you can’t question what hasn’t happened in the future. Many people think that only what they see with their own eyes is true. They hold a negative attitude towards other things. They always think that they are right. This is also the place of human ignorance.


Liu Bowen predicted that the great disaster will come and the year of pig and rat will be sad

Liu Bowen is the founding Prime Minister of the Ming Dynasty, and also an expert. In the inscription of Liu Bowen in Taibai Mountain, Shanxi Province, nine worries about the corpse were not picked up, ten worries about the year of pig and rat, telling people that a terrible catastrophe will happen. Coincidentally, 2019 and 2020 are the year of pig and rat. A series of pestilences have broken out in China, including African swine fever, plague, new crown disease and so on It proves Liu Bowen’s prediction.


Liu Bowen predicted a terrible plague scenario. The poor will stay for ten thousand, and the rich will stay for twenty-three. If the rich and the poor don’t turn back, they will see the time of death.

That is to say, in this great calamity, it mainly appeared as a great pestilence. In this pestilence, only one thousand of the ten thousand poor people were left, while only two or three of the ten thousand wives were left.


The prediction also indicates the time when the plague began to occur. If you ask when the plague will appear, look at September, winter and October. It means that the great plague began in September and October of the Yellow calendar. In the face of all kinds of disasters, Liu Bowen’s inscriptions also warned people how to get out of danger.

People who do good can see it, but people who do evil can’t see it. There are people who do great good in the world, so it’s not good to avoid it. That is to say, the calamity is fierce. I’m afraid that the “perpetrators” will be eliminated without the chance to regret it. When “good doers” witness all this, good doers can avoid the disaster. Only after the year of disaster can they be regarded as immortals in the world. It’s a bronze and iron arhat. It’s sad that on the thirteenth day of the seventh month, you can be a diamond and iron arhat, unless goodness can be preserved. It means that no matter you are a mortal in the world or a King Kong arhat, only by pursuing the true and good can you really survive the disaster.


People call Allah, money is a treasure, can’t see through, really is a treasure, underground crack can’t fall, seven people all the way, lured into the mouth, three points plus a hook, eight king twenty mouth, everyone laugh, everyone is safe. This is a puzzle, you can guess it!

Based on the above predictions at home and abroad, two major events have been predicted. The first is that a major disaster will occur in a certain continent in 2020, just like the new coronavirus that swept the world before, and seems to be fulfilling the prediction. The prophecy emphasizes that those who do evil and those who oppose God will suffer, and only those who do good can avoid this disaster.


The second thing is that the Savior will appear or has already appeared, including the figure of pushing back, Zhuge Liang’s lesson before horse, Liu Bowen’s song of Shaobing, plum blossom poem of Song Dynasty, revelation of Bible, and Buddhist scriptures, which all mentioned the appearance of saints, just like common people, but everyone recognized him as a saint.

Finally, I sincerely hope that in the face of right and wrong, all of you can abide by your conscience, do good and respect morality, and finally spend every day in peace.

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