What happened in Kunlun Mountain 37 years ago? How can scientists explain the frequent occurrence of psychic events?

What happened in Kunlun Mountain 37 years ago? How can scientists explain the frequent occurrence of psychic events?


Kunlun Mountain is the birthplace of Chinese mythology. It has created a lot of cultural value, including some mysterious events which are difficult to explain by science. Their appearance makes many people begin to doubt the authenticity of science, especially the mysterious events in the death valley of Kunlun mountain. After entering the valley of death, animal bodies and remains can be seen everywhere. The valley of death is also known as the gate of hell, so why does it cause this phenomenon? What is the secret of death valley in Kunlun mountain?


The TV series of ghost blowing lamp series are popular with many people, among which Kunlun Mountain is mentioned. In Jingjue ancient city, there is a very strange creature called fire ladybug. After human body contacts with them, it will instantly emit blue light and turn into black powder. In real life, although Kunlun Mountain is not so terrible as described in TV series, some strange things often happen. The gates of death valley and hell are all about the same place, which is the lenggele gorge of Kunlun mountain.


Lenggler Canyon in 1983


The story begins in 1983. 37 years ago, there were many shepherds living in Kunlun mountain. Because of the bad environment, many cattle and sheep would starve to death because they had no food. They didn’t have no other choice. There might be food for cattle and sheep in the death valley, but these shepherds would rather let them starve to death than enter the lengele gorge. Why on earth ? When you enter the valley of death, you will find that there are animal corpses, wolf fur, Hunter’s shotgun, and countless solitary graves everywhere. The whole valley is filled with the word “death”. In 1983, a shepherd’s horse entered the lengele gorge because he was greedy. In order to find his horse herders, he took the risk to enter the lengele gorge.


A few days later, the passer-by did not return, but his horse came out of the valley of death safely. His body was found on a small hill, barefoot, very broken clothes, as if it had been burned. His eyes were wide open, and he still had a shotgun in his hand, as if he wanted to hit something. His body lay on the ground rigidly, and he didn’t find anything on his body Marks of attack or being bitten or scratched.


The strange experience of the investigation team


In July of the same year, when it was supposed to be extremely hot, it suddenly snowed and thundered. The first one to be attacked was the cook in the team. After being rescued, according to his memory, he was paralyzed after hearing a thunder. When they returned to the place where the incident happened again, they found that the yellow land had turned into black land, which had no trace of life. After this incident was spread, death valley became even more terrifying.


Geological experts and scientists quickly formed an investigation team and entered the valley of death. They found that the reason for this phenomenon is that the words here are very abnormal. Under the effect of electromagnetic effect, it will lead to cloud discharge, which will form a minefield in lenggler gorge. These two events are caused by lightning strikes. What do you think of the two supernatural events in Kunlun mountain?

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