What happened to Madame Curie’s notebook? After a hundred years, why is there radiation?

The development of science is always full of controversy and frustrations. When human beings enjoy the convenience brought by science, they will also face potential threats. Just a few days ago, the official tweet of Nobel Prize announced that the notebook used by Madame Curie is still radioactive up to now, and the radioactivity will last for 1500 years.


Madame Curie’s notebook

In the process of scientific development, it is with the efforts of countless predecessors that we can better understand the earth and explore the universe. These scientists lead us to open the door to understand the universe. Many scientists devote all their youth to the cause of science. Madame Curie devoted herself to science all her life. Because of the nature of her work, she had to be exposed to radiation. In 1934, she left us because of aplastic anemia. From 1899 until 1902, the notebook used by Madame Curie in her laboratory was still radioactive. In addition to these notebooks, even many of her books and papers are still radioactive. We can’t take them lightly. We must put them in lead boxes and seal them.


Scientists’ manuscripts are very precious. Newton’s manuscripts, which were lost some time ago, have reappeared in front of human beings. These manuscripts left by scientists play an important role in our further exploration. So these manuscripts are also very precious, but Madame Curie’s manuscripts have too much radiation, which has become a scientific heritage beyond human touch.


Tesla’s manuscript

In fact, in addition to Madame Curie’s manuscript, there is another scientist whose life is controversial. Even if he died, his manuscript still became a scientist’s “day and night thinking”. He is Nicolas Tesla, who is regarded as “the scientist closest to God”. So it’s not groundless to say that. He created more than 700 inventions in his life. At that time, he made more than 700 inventions Some ideas seem out of place for me. After seeing his achievements, many people even suspect that he is not an earthman, but an alien from a higher dimension.


After hearing the name of Tesla scientist, many people will first think of the Tesla car founded by musk. In fact, musk built it in memory of him, which can also show that Tesla’s position in the scientific community can not be shaken. When he was young, he predicted that the future Earth would be occupied by radio, and human beings could cross thousands of mountains and rivers through small devices. At that time, he also built a wireless power tower, which could not communicate for a long distance, but it also laid the foundation for the development of science. Tesla’s life has been controversial. After his death, many institutions also followed his manuscripts. It was once witnessed that the CIA of the United States had entered Tesla’s residence many times.


Has Tesla manuscript been destroyed?

From that time on, Tesla’s manuscripts disappeared strangely. Some people thought that Tesla had destroyed their manuscripts, while others thought that the CIA had taken possession of the manuscripts. But when the time limit for the intelligence agencies to keep them secret was up, they also claimed that they had never seen Tesla’s manuscripts. Was his manuscripts really burned? What exactly did Tesla record in the manuscript that the world would not dare to see?


Scientists speculate that there are many advanced weapon concepts recorded in his manuscripts, such as the “dead light weapon” often mentioned in science fiction movies. Tesla may have seen through the greed and selfishness of human beings for a long time. If these manuscripts are left to the world and used by some people with heart, the consequences will be unimaginable. This is what we call the two sides of scientific development. Some scientists have been controversial all their lives, while others have been dedicated all their lives. They have left precious wealth for the world. Whether it is Madame Curie’s manuscript or Tesla’s achievements, these can not be forgotten. Madame Curie’s contribution to mankind is very great, but he is also dedicated to science, which is actually a kind of death. The manuscripts he left have become untouchable wealth of mankind, which also represents their contribution to mankind.

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