What happened to robots that once threatened to “destroy mankind” after four years?

With the development of social civilization, the social division of labor will change, and the industry will also change. In the eyes of many scientists and business magnates, the proportion of artificial intelligence is too large. Even Ma Yun claims the importance of artificial intelligence. Perhaps in the next 10 years, artificial intelligence will be the most profitable industry. It has penetrated into human life. Of course, a large number of people are worried about artificial intelligence. As they become more and more powerful, will they replace us?


There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has become an inevitable development trend. In order to cultivate high intelligent talents in the field of intelligence, many universities also carry out artificial intelligence courses. When it comes to artificial intelligence, I believe you are very impressed with Sophia. This female robot, which was born in 2006, once threatened to destroy human beings, which once caused controversy. The creator of Sofia is Hansen company from Hong Kong, China. Hansen is full of curiosity about artificial intelligence from childhood. Coupled with his own unremitting efforts, he finally created Sofia in 2006. Sofia can be said to be an upgraded version of robots of all ages. She not only has skin that is very similar to human beings, but also has strong learning ability and can make several expressions.

Hansen has implanted a lot of artificial intelligence systems into Sofia’s brain, which can understand the languages of various countries and interact with human beings simply. At Sophia’s press conference, Hansen once asked Sophia a a question in front of the public: will human beings be destroyed in the future? Sofia also answered “yes” without hesitation. Her remarks caused a great disturbance at that time. Many people were worried about the development of artificial intelligence.


Although Hansen company claimed in the later stage that Sofia’s words were actually programmed, she didn’t realize it. How could she replace human beings? But there are still a lot of people who don’t buy it. Rocket maniacs musk and Hawking don’t deny the development of artificial intelligence, but they are also deeply worried about the development of artificial intelligence. With the strength of artificial intelligence, maybe in the future, human work and life will be replaced by them. What energy and ambition do human beings have to create a higher civilization?


In order to make human beings no longer afraid of artificial intelligence, Hansen company took Sophia to participate in various activities. With the promotion of Sophia’s popularity, Hansen company held many lectures, and Sophia also flourished. Now Sofia has also opened China’s social media account, often to participate in China’s variety show. Sophia seems to make more money than most ordinary people, which is also enviable.

Although artificial intelligence is created by human beings, we can’t let go of our guard. If we place all our hopes on artificial intelligence, and there is a system for scientific research, then in the future, it will ultimately affect human beings.

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